Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 3 – The Man So Nice They Named Him Twice

This week on the show I talk to my good friend Chris Christensen. Chris is the man behind the Amateur Traveler Podcast, which recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary. He is also my co-host on This Week in Travel, which we have now been doing for 6 years.

We talk about his start in podcasting, traveling while holding down a full time job and many other subjects. This episode was recorded live in the lobby of the Hyatt Place Hotel in Austin, TX.

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Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 1 – Chester Arthur’s Pants and a Blue Clarinet

My new podcast, The Global Travel Conspiracy, is now live!

My first guest is Robert Reid, National Geographic’s Digital Nomad and the former US editor at Lonely Planet. We talk about a whole range of things including his project to take clarinet lessons on the island of St. Lucia.

New episodes will be uploaded weekly with different formats. In addition to interviews, I’ll also be doing some monologue shows from the road and some shows where I talk to locals in the places I visit.

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