Travel Journalism Awards

I’ve been fortunate to have won more major travel journalism awards than any other full-time blogger. I’ve also won more major travel photography awards in North America this decade than any other travel photographer.

Note: SATW = Society of American Travel Writers | NATJA = North American Travel Journalists Association


  • Travel Photographer of the Year – SATW Central States Chapter
  • Bronze Medal, Single Subject Portfolio – SATW
  • Best Travel Photography Blog – TBC Asia








5 thoughts on “Travel Journalism Awards”

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  2. Hi, I just discovered your pictures this evening. I did a search on “sailing the coast of Africa.” Your link popped up. I am awed by the pictures! I want to go to Namibia! I realize that these pictures have been out there for a few years now, so I thank you for posting them to share your experiences; and, then leaving them posted for us late-comers. I’ll browse for more of your pictures.


  3. Hi Gary,
    Just listened to the last 2017 podcast of this week in travel. Sounds like you have some very interesting travel plans for 2018. As a retired National Park Service employee, I’m also interested in visiting different National Park sites in the U. S. and abroad. You mentioned wanting to go to Cocos Island this year. That is a place that has been high on my bucket list for several years now. I’d be very interested in any info that you might obtain on an affordable way to do this trip. I’d love to dive there. You have a great website. Wishing you all the best in 2018!

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