Countries and Territories I’ve Visited

I am often asked how many countries I’ve been to. While I don’t visit countries just to check them off a list, like most people I do know where I’ve been. This list is taken from the Traveler’s Century Club (TCC) list of 327 places around the world. The TCC rules state that any visit, no matter how short counts as a visit. Where I have visited a location only on a layover or passed through in a car without stopping, I have made a note.

The TCC definition of a country is more expansive than just the members of the United Nations. It includes geographic, historic, and culturally distinct places. Yes, I know that Hawaii and Tasmania are not “countries” in any normal sense of the word, but they are distinct geographic places separated from their country’s mainland.

I use the TCC list just because I think it is more useful from a travel perspective than the list of UN member states, which exclude places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Antarctica, Aruba and American Samoa. There are many disagreements I have with the TCC list, but I find it a useful third-party list of destinations for travelers.

This list marks the first time I visited a place, not my most recent visit. Many of the places on this list I’ve visited multiple times and will visit again in the future. I intend to remove all footnotes attached to destinations in the future.

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World Map Small Countries
    BOLD (#) = UN Member States

  1. United States (1)1969North America
  2. Canada (2)1977North America
  3. Mexico (3)1995North America
  4. Bahamas (4)1998Caribbean
  5. Alaska (USA)1999North America
  6. Japan (5)1999Asia
  7. Taiwan1999Asia
  8. Singapore (6)1999Asia
  9. France (7)1999Europe
  10. Belgium (8)1999Europe
  11. Germany (9)1999Europe
  12. England (UK) (10)1999Europe
  13. Iceland (11)2000Atlantic Ocean
  14. Argentina (12)2005South America
  15. Hawaii (USA)2006Pacific Ocean
  16. French Polynesia (France)2007Pacific Ocean
  17. Easter Island (Chile) (13)2007Pacific Ocean
  18. Cook Islands2007Pacific Ocean
  19. New Zealand (14)2007Pacific Ocean
  20. Fiji (15)2007Pacific Ocean
  21. Samoa (16)2007Pacific Ocean
  22. American Samoa (USA)2007Pacific Ocean
  23. Tonga (17)2007Pacific Ocean
  24. New Caledonia (France)2007Pacific Ocean
  25. Vanuatu (18)2007Pacific Ocean
  26. Solomon Islands (19)2007Pacific Ocean
  27. Nauru (20)2007Pacific Ocean1
  28. Kiribati (21)2007Pacific Ocean2
  29. Guam (USA)2007Pacific Ocean
  30. Micronesia (22)2007Pacific Ocean
  31. Marshall Islands (23)2007Pacific Ocean
  32. Northern Marinas Islands (USA)2007Pacific Ocean
  33. Palau (24)2007Pacific Ocean
  34. Philippines (25)2007Asia
  35. Okinawa (Japan)2007Asia
  36. South Korea (26)2007Asia
  37. Hong Kong (China) (27)2007Asia
  38. Macau (China)2007Asia
  39. Brunei (28)2007Asia
  40. Sarawak (Malaysia) (29)2008Asia
  41. Sabah (Malaysia)2008Asia
  42. Java (Indonesia) (30)2008Asia
  43. Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia)2008Asia
  44. East Timor (31)2008Asia
  45. Australia (32)2008Pacific Ocean
  46. Tasmania (Australia)2008Pacific Ocean
  47. Papua New Guinea (33)2008Pacific Ocean
  48. Bismark Archipelago (PNG)2008Pacific Ocean
  49. Sumatra (Indonesia)2008Asia
  50. Western Malaysia2008Asia
  51. Thailand (34)2008Asia
  52. Cambodia (35)2008Asia
  53. Vietnam (36)2008Asia
  54. Laos (37)2008Asia
  55. Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) (38)2009Middle East
  56. Dubai (UAE)2009Middle East
  57. Oman (39)2009Middle East
  58. Ajman (UAE)2009Middle East3
  59. Ras Al Kaimah (UAE)2009Middle East
  60. Sharjah (UAE)2009Middle East3
  61. Umm Al Qaiwain (UAE)2009Middle East3
  62. Qatar (40)2009Middle East
  63. Bahrain (41)2009Middle East
  64. Kuwait (42)2009Middle East
  65. Egypt (43)2009Africa
  66. Sinai (Egypt)2009Middle East
  67. Jordan (44)2009Middle East
  68. Israel (45)2009Middle East
  69. Palestine2009Middle East
  70. Greece (46)2009Europe
  71. Italy (47)2009Europe
  72. Vatican City2009Europe
  73. San Marino (48)2009Europe
  74. Monaco (49)2009Europe
  75. Luxembourg (50)2009Europe
  76. Netherlands (51)2009Europe
  77. Portugal (52)2009Europe4
  78. Cayman Islands (UK)2009Caribbean
  79. Honduras (53)2009Central America
  80. Spain (54)2010Europe
  81. Prince Edward Island (Canada)2010North America
  82. South Africa (55)2010Africa
  83. Senegal (56)2010Africa
  84. Aruba (Netherlands)2010 Caribbean
  85. Bonaire (Netherlands)2010 Caribbean
  86. Curacao (Netherlands)2010 Caribbean
  87. Puerto Rico (USA)2011 Caribbean
  88. Czech Republic (57)2011 Europe
  89. Austria (58)2011 Europe
  90. Slovakia (59)2011 Europe
  91. Slovenia (60)2011 Europe
  92. Croatia (61)2011 Europe
  93. Sicily (Italy)2011 Europe
  94. Switzerland (62)2011 Europe
  95. Liechtenstein (63)2011 Europe
  96. Hungary (64)2011 Europe
  97. Romania (65)2011 Europe
  98. Bulgaria (66)2011 Europe
  99. Turkey (Europe) (67)2011 Europe
  100. Turkey (Asia)2011 Asia
  101. Andorra (68)2011 Europe
  102. Canary Islands (Spain)2011 Atlantic Ocean
  103. Ecuador (69)2011 South America
  104. Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)2011 Pacific Ocean
  105. Wales (UK)2011Europe
  106. Ireland (70)2011Europe
  107. Northern Ireland (UK)2011Europe
  108. Isle of Man2011Europe
  109. Scotland (UK)2011Europe
  110. Falkland Islands (UK)2012Atlantic Ocean
  111. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (UK)2012Antarctica
  112. British Antarctica (UK)2012Antarctica
  113. Chilean Antarctic (Chile)2012Antarctica
  114. Argentine Antarctic (Argentina)2012Antarctica
  115. Belize (71)2012Central America
  116. Lord Howe Island (Australia)2012Pacific
  117. Sweden (72)2012Europe
  118. Denmark (73)2012Europe
  119. Gibraltar (UK)2012Europe
  120. Ceuta (Spain)2012Africa
  121. Morocco (74)2012Africa
  122. Finland (75)2012Europe
  123. Costa Rica (76)2013Central America
  124. El Salvador (77)2013Central America
  125. Guatemala (78)2013Central America
  126. Poland (79)2013Europe
  127. Bosnia and Herzegovina (80)2013Europe
  128. Montenegro (81)2013Europe
  129. US Virgin Islands (USA)2013Caribbean
  130. British Virgin Islands (UK)2013Caribbean
  131. Sint Maarten (Netherlands)2013Caribbean
  132. Anguilla (UK)2013Caribbean
  133. Saint-Martin (France)2013Caribbean
  134. St. Barthélemy (France)2013Caribbean
  135. Saba/St. Eustatius (Netherlands)2013Caribbean
  136. St. Kitts and Nevis (82)2013Caribbean
  137. Antigua and Barbuda (83)2013Caribbean
  138. Montserrat (UK)2013Caribbean
  139. Guadeloupe (France)2013Caribbean
  140. Dominica (84)2013Caribbean
  141. Martinique (France)2013Caribbean
  142. St. Lucia (85)2013Caribbean
  143. Barbados (86)2013Caribbean
  144. St Vincent and the Grenadines (87)2013Caribbean
  145. Grenada (88)2013Caribbean
  146. Trinidad and Tobago (89)2013Caribbean
  147. Panama (90)2013Central America5
  148. Namibia (91)2013Africa
  149. Lesotho (92)2014Africa
  150. Swaziland (93)2014Africa
  151. Botswana (94)2014Africa
  152. Mozambique (95)2014Africa
  153. Zimbabwe (96)2014Africa
  154. Zambia (97)2014Africa
  155. St. Helena (UK)2014Atlantic Ocean
  156. Angola (98)2014Africa
  157. Republic of Congo (99)2014Africa
  158. Sao Tome and Principe (100)2014Africa
  159. Togo (101)2014Africa
  160. Benin (102)2014Africa
  161. Ghana (103)2014Africa
  162. Sierra Leone (104)2014Africa
  163. Gambia (105)2014Africa
  164. Western Sahara2014Africa
  165. Bermuda (UK)2014Atlantic Ocean
  166. Turks & Caicos (UK)2014Caribbean
  167. Malta (106)2014Europe
  168. Cyprus (107)2014Europe
  169. Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK)2014Europe
  170. Northern Cyprus2014Europe
  171. Crete (Greece)2014Europe
  172. Ionian Islands (Greece)2014Europe
  173. Guernsey2014Europe
  174. Jersey2014Europe
  175. Åland Islands (Finland)2015Europe
  176. Haiti (108)2015Caribbean
  177. Dominican Republic (109)2015Caribbean
  178. Chile (Mainland)2015South America
  179. India (110)2016Asia
  180. Ethiopia (111)2016Africa
  181. Macedonia (112)2016Europe
  182. Kosovo2016Europe
  183. Serbia (113)2016Europe
  184. Srpska (Bosnia & Herzegovina)2016Europe
  185. Albania (114)2016Europe
  186. Kazakhstan (115)2016Asia
  187. Kyrgyzstan (116)2016Asia
  188. Tajikistan (117)2016Asia
  189. Uzbekistan (118)2016Asia
  190. St. Pierre and Miquelon (France)2016North America
  191. Tuvalu (119)2016Pacific Ocean
  192. Norway (120)2017Europe
  193. Brazil (121)2017South America
  194. Lithuania (122)2018Europe
  195. Latvia (123)2018Europe
  196. Belarus (124)2018Europe
  197. Estonia (125)2018Europe
  198. Russia (126)2018Europe

    Upcoming Countries

  199. CubaCaribbean
  200. NicaraguaCentral America
  201. JamaicaCaribbean
  202. ColombiaSouth America
  203. Ukraine Europe
  204. Moldova Europe
  205. TransnistriaEurope
  206. Sri Lanka Asia
  207. Maldives Asia


  1. I spent about an hour at the Nauru airport in the middle of the night on a layover from the Solomon Islands to Kiribati. We got off the plane and actually touched the soil. I even purchased something in the gift shop, however, I never got beyond passport control.
  2. I was denied entry into Kiribati because my passport got wet in the Solomon Islands and the ink on the page that said what dates the visa was valid bled off the page. I spent about 6 hours in Tarawa before heading to Fiji.
  3. I took a taxi from Kashab in the Musandam Peninsula of Oman to Dubai. We drove through several of the smaller emirates but didn’t stop in any other than Ras Al Kaimah.
  4. I had a flight from London to New York which had a layover in Porto of several hours. I didn’t leave the airport.
  5. I had a layover in Panama City on a flight from Trinidad to Mexico City.

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  1. What?? All of that travel and you haven’t been to Jamaica yet? LOL . It’s usually one of the places everybody “has been,” at least when I mention living there, I always get “Oh yeah. Been there.” I hope when you DO make it, you come down to my stomping ground, the quiet south coast, Treasure Beach, Jamaica. The real Jamaica. Blessings.

  2. Gary,

    I came across a Pinterest board you curate that deals with North America Travel. I was wondering if you’d consider my contributing to it. My stories are part of the series titled, “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Characters.”™ All of them include an original photo and a story that is exactly 1,000 characters long. I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Best, MacKenzie Freeman

  3. I’m from Israel and I was pretty surprised to see you didn’t visit in Israel! I hope you’ll visit here soon enough…

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