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Germany is a federal parliament republic in western-central Europe. The entire country has a total land area of over 357,000 square kilometers with 80.7 million in population. The country’s capital city is Berlin, which is also the largest city in Germany. Other famous cities that you should visit on your travel to Germany include Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

Travel to Germany
Cologne Cathedral in Germany

The local translation for the name Germany is Deutschland. The history of the country is unsettled and comprehensive with the Nazi regime being one of the most widely read and recorded in history books.

As of this year, Germany has earned the recognition of having the largest European economy. In fact, several companies have their origin in Germany which includes BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Bayer, Nivea, Adidas, Volkswagen, and many more. In addition to a flourishing economy, it is also a source of various important natural resources like natural gas, coal, uranium, nickel and copper.

Currency: The official currency in Germany is Euro.

Official Language: German is the official language in the country.

WiFi Availability: In 2010, a ruling in Germany punished public providers of internet connection for any illegal activities done by customers when browsing the internet. For this reason, it can be difficult to find free WiFi hotspots in Germany.

Travel to Germany
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

Airport/s: The Frankfurt Airport in Germany is the busiest airport in the country as of 2014 in terms of passenger count. Other notable airports in the country that offers international travel include Munich Airport and Dusseldorf Airport. You can fly via these airports on your travel to Germany.

Visa Required: Foreign tourists that travel to Germany for leisure purposes should apply for a tourist visa before traveling to the country, except for some nationalities. A tourist visa for travel to Germany is valid for 90 days. You can also use the same visa to travel to other countries under the Schengen agreement.

Driving: When driving in Germany, you need to be on the right hand side of the road.

International Driver’s License Accepted? Several rental companies do not require an international driver’s license to drive in Germany; however, it is recommended that you obtain one before you travel to the country.

Crime: Overall, Germany is a safe country for tourists and crimes are low-scale. There is a rare occurrence of violent crimes in Germany.

Electrical Adapters: The electrical sockets used in Germany are 230 volts and 50 Hertz. Use electrical adapter when your home country is using a different socket type.

Cuisine of Germany

Travel to Germany
Wies Church in Germany

The cuisine of Germany is very distinctive from other European cuisines. Majority of the notable dishes in Germany traces its roots from Swabia and Bavaria. If it were any proof of German cuisine’s status as one of the best in the world, the country ranks second to France with the most number of Michelin-rated restaurants. You should definitely keep an eye out for these restaurants when you travel to Germany.

There are a number of meat types consumed in Germany but pork is the most popular of them all. Meanwhile, chicken is the most popular of the poultry meats. The most common method for cooking meat is by braising them.

Another thing that Germany is famous for, just like its neighbor Austria, is sausage. In fact, there are over 1,500 types of sausages in Germany. Bratwurst and Wiener are among the most popular types of sausage.

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Travel to Germany
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Travel to Germany
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Travel to Germany
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Travel to Germany
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