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Bermuda is a British territory in the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city of Bermuda is Hamilton. It was Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermudez who first reached the island in 1503. Hence, the island was named after him. His expedition team claimed ownership of the island on behalf of the Spanish Empire. However, several other colonizers gained control over Bermuda until it became a British colony in 1707 through the unification of Scotland and England. If you want to travel to Bermuda, this travel guide will come in handy.

Travel to BermudaToday, Bermuda’s economy sustains itself through tourism and offshore insurance. For the large part of the 20th century, Bermuda had one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. But the global recession took a huge hit on the island’s economy.

The climate in Bermuda is subtropical. Travel to Bermuda will enable you to make the most of your time exploring the island and its many attractions. The northernmost point of the island is where you will find the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

Currency: Bermudian Dollar

Official Language: English is the official language in Bermuda.

Wi-Fi Availability: Free Wi-Fi hotspots are far and few in the island of Bermuda. However, you can visit coffee shops and restaurants with Wi-Fi access and you can get connected for free.

Airport/s: The L.F. Wade International Airport, which used to be called Bermuda International Airport, is the main hub for international flights that travel to Bermuda.

Travel to Bermuda

Visa Required: Citizens from the US, UK or Canada do not need a visa to travel to Bermuda, whether for leisure or business purposes. You need a valid passport and return ticket before you can travel to Bermuda if you are from the visa-exempt countries, however.

Driving: In Bermuda, you must drive on the left side of the road.

International Driver’s License Accepted? You cannot use your foreign issued driver’s license in Bermuda. You need to carry a Bermuda driver’s license before you can.

Crime: There was a time wherein crime was nearly non-existent in Bermuda. However, since 2011, the crime rate has skyrocketed to double the global rate. In fact, there was a time when the per capita murder rate in Bermuda was higher as compared to that of London or New York.

Electrical Adapters: In Bermuda, they use an electrical voltage of 120 volts at 50 Hertz.

Trivia: The infamous Bermuda Triangle is located at the northernmost part of the island. It is named as such by legend after several vessels and aircrafts have mysteriously disappeared near the said location without any trace of the lost aircraft or vessel, or any explainable reasons.

Bermudian Cuisine

Travel to Bermuda

Bermuda wasn’t known for its cuisine. There was little food source in the local farms because Bermudians did not grow their own food. About 90% of the food in Bermuda was imported. However, the culinary landscape in Bermuda has changed over time and it has now garnered interest from tourists.

The most notable feature of Bermudian cuisine is its taste and texture. Banana scallops or banana meatloaf is one of the most popular dishes in Bermuda. It is like a regular meatloaf, except that it has banana and bacon in it. Another popular dish in Bermuda and is often served in restaurants is bean soup. There are two types of bean soups that are sought after in Bermuda: black eyed bean soup and red bean soup. Black eyed bean soup is inspired by the flavors of South America, while the spicy red bean soup is rooted from Portuguese cuisine. When it comes to authentic savory recipe, Bermuda takes pride in introducing cassava pie.

Other favorite dishes in Bermuda that were introduced by foreign influences include fishcakes (made from cod), fish chowder, conch, dried mullet roe, steamed mussels or mussel fritters, and sweet potato pudding.

When it comes to drinks, Bermudian locals love ales, beers, and ginger beer.

Travel to Bermuda: Attractions

Travel to Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay – This is inarguably the most popular beach in Bermuda. It also earned #8 ranking in TripAdvisor for the list of best beaches in the world. It lies in the southern coast of the island with a pristine white sand beach.

Bermuda Botanical Gardens – This 36-acre garden is home to several species of trees, shrubs and flowers. You can find the garden at Paget Parish, which is a close drive from downtown Hamilton. The botanical garden was inaugurated in 1898 and is maintained by the Department of Natural Resources.

Spanish Point – This headland in Pembroke Parish is a popular spot for tourists due to its scenic harbor view. There is also a park and beach nearby, which is where tourists like to relax in.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse – The Royal Engineers built this lighthouse in 1844. This is just one of two lighthouses in Bermuda and is also the taller of the two. It also earns the distinction as the first lighthouse made from cast iron.

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Travel to Bermuda