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Macau is a city located west of Hong Kong. It used to be a Portuguese colony, which is evident in the incorporation of Mediterranean architectural style in its ruins, churches and fortresses. Travel to Macau is popular among tourists looking for cultural diversity. Despite the evidence of colonialism, the Chinese heritage in Macau is also highly evident.

Travel to Macau

The fact that gambling is a huge industry in Macau has people referring to it as the “Vegas of the East”. Despite being rather small in size, there is no shortage of destinations and attractions in Macau. Some of the notable attractions in Macau include the following: Ruins of the Church of St. Paul, Coloane, Guia Fort & Guia Chapel, Macau Museum of Art, Taipa, and Senado Square, among others.

Currency: Macanese Pataca

Official Language: Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages in Macau.

Wi-Fi Availability: There are several free Wi-Fi hotspots when you travel to Macau.

Travel to Macau

Airport/s: The Macau International Airport is the main international airport for flights that trvel to Macau.

Visa Required: Nationals from 66 countries are exempt from obtaining visa for travel to Macau. For most others, you can obtain a visa upon arrival. Meanwhile, visa requirements for Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan have been changed in 2010. These nationals must obtain a visa to travel to Macau.

International Driver’s License Accepted? Any foreign driver in Macau can use their foreign-issued driver’s license. But if you intend to stay for more than one year, you should apply for a Macau driver’s license.

Travel to Macau

Crime: The overall crime rate in Macau is low. There are no real threats to tourists that travel to Macau as far as safety is concerned.

Electrical Adapters: The standard voltage used in Macau is 220 volts with an electrical frequency of 50 Hertz.

Trivia: DID YOU KNOW that Macau’s population is made up of 95% Chinese? It is also the only place in China wherein gambling is legal.

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Travel to Macau