Travel to Barbados

Barbados is an island nation within the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean. The country is densely populated despite being rather small. The country is also located just outside the so-called hurricane belt in the Atlantic; the island was last hit by a hurricane in 1955. Travel to Barbados to get a feel for the Caribbean way of life.

Travel to Barbados

The oldest trace of civilization in Barbados was in the 1200s wherein the Kalingos were the original settlers in the island. But in the late 15th century, the Spanish invaders made their way into the island and the island went under the rule of the Spanish crown. In 1625, the British first made their way to the island and became the first permanent settlers in Barbados. Eventually, the island became one of the British colonies. Therefore, the head of the state in Barbados is the British monarch.

Despite having several other tourist-frequented destinations within the Caribbean region, Barbados is deemed as the leading tourist destination in the Caribbean. The mild tropical climate in Barbados contributes to making it a popular tourist destination. The dry season runs from December to May while the wet season runs from June to November.

Currency: Barbadian Dollar (USD is also widely accepted)

Official Language: English is the official language in Barbados.

Wi-Fi Availability: The number of hotels and other private properties offering free Wi-Fi in Barbados is still quite limited. Make sure to check with your hotel first to see if they have Wi-Fi, especially if you need to stay connected to the internet while on the island.

Airport/s: The Grantley Adams International Airport is the main international airport for flights that travel to Barbados.

Visa Required: Most countries around the world do not require a visa to travel to Barbados. Cruise ship passengers also do not require a visa to travel to Barbados. If you want to see which countries are required to obtain a visa before traveling to Barbados, see this link:

Driving: In Barbados, you must drive on the left side of the road.

International Driver’s License Accepted? In order to drive in Barbados, you must carry your foreign-issued driver’s license along with an international driving permit.

Crime: Crime and drugs is quite prevalent in Barbados. However, crimes toward tourists are not common and so you can feel safe here as compared to other Caribbean island nations. But still, you need to be cautious about opportunistic street crimes such as theft and robbery.

Electrical Adapters: In Barbados, the electrical voltage used is at 115 volts and an electrical frequency of 50 Hertz.

Trivia: DID YOU KNOW that Barbados ranks 16th in the world among the most densely populated countries?

Cuisine in Barbados

The cuisine of Barbados is called Bajan cuisine. This particular type of cuisine combines influences from British, Indian and African cuisines. A typical meal includes a meat or fish dish, which is prepared using a mixture of herbs and spices, along with a side dish or salad. You can also expect to find a sauce or two served along with every dish.

There are two nationally recognized dishes in Barbados: Cou-cou and fried Flying Fish with gravy. Another popular dish in the country is the Pudding and Souse. It is a pickled pork dish that comes with sweet potatoes.

When it comes to beverages, fruit juices are a staple in the island. But locals also love sipping on rum and rum punch, mauby, and sorrel drink.

Travel to Barbados: Tourist Attractions

Travel to Barbados
Main Guard Clock Tower at the Garrison, Savannah, Bridgetown, Barbados

Harrison’s Cave – This unique cave system is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barbados. Visitors can access this subterranean environment using a tramway. This makes it easy for you to explore the crystallized limestone caverns located deep inside the cave system.

St. Nicholas Abbey – This plantation house is located in Saint Peter. This is one of three remaining Jacobean mansions and features a massive garden, rum distillery and many other attractions worth a visit.

Miami Beach – This beach is located within the town of Oistins. It is popular among tourists for its white, sandy beach. It also features calm waters that are crystal clear with a beautiful sunset view.

Sandy Lane – If you are looking for a bit of luxury in Barbados, this is the place to be. This Caribbean resort has a five-star rating for its luxurious amenities and facilities. This hotel has several luxury suites and a pool of its own, therefore satisfying even the most discerning guests.
Animal Flower Cave – This cave is located beneath the cliffs at North Point. It is the only accessible sea cave on the island of Barbados. Tourists are allowed to visit the cave from 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

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