Travel to Hawaii

Hawaii is the 50th state in the US. It is also the only state located within the Oceania region, which is made up of several other islands, and not geographically situated within the Americas. Despite that, travel to Hawaii is sought after by tourists. After all, the beautiful beaches, islands and natural attractions are aplenty in Hawaii.

Travel to Hawaii

The state of Hawaii is made up of nearly an entire volcanic archipelago. It is made up of hundreds of smaller islands giving you plenty to explore when you travel to Hawaii. There are 8 main islands that comprise the archipelago namely Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Lanai, Kauaí, Kaho’Olawe and Ni’ihau. The Big Island is the largest of these islands. It shouldn’t be confused with the Hawaii Island itself, especially since it is commonly referred to as The Big Island of Hawaii.

The diverse natural scenic attractions and warm tropical climate are just two of the main reasons why tourists love to travel to Hawaii. However, this diversity of land and volcanic regions also make it a popular destination for biologists, geologists, and researchers, on top of tourists. The coastline of Hawaii stretches up to 750 miles, which is the fourth longest coastline in the United States.

The population of Hawaii is as diverse as its land. However, Hawaii is mostly dominated by Asian settlers following the influx of European and American invaders. As of July 2015, the population count of Hawaii is at over 1.4 million.

Currency: US Dollar

Official Language: There are two official languages in Hawaii: English and Hawaiian.

Wi-Fi Availability: You can find hotels, restaurants, and cafes with free Wi-Fi access. Thus, connecting is easy when you travel to Hawaii.

Airport/s: The Honolulu International Airport is the main airport for flights that travel to Hawaii.

Visa Required: All US citizens can travel to Hawaii without a passport. For other tourists, your visa requirements fo travel to Hawaii will vary based on country of origin. You can learn more about entry requirements for travel to Hawaii here.

International Driver’s License Accepted? Any driver’s license issued from another country, as long as written in English, is recognized in Hawaii.

Driving: Just like in mainland US, you will be driving on the right-hand side in Hawaii.

Crime: The crime statistics in Hawaii vary by neighborhood. However, it is a generally safe place to travel to.

Electrical Adapters: The electrical voltage in Hawaii is the same with the US: 120 volts at 60 Hertz.

Trivia: DID YOU KNOW that Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee? It is also third in the world in terms of the largest producer of pineapples.

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