This Week in Travel – Episode 16

This week’s guest is Debbie Dubrow from Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Topics Discussed this week: Passenger creates big debate at American – I mean big! Man Misses Funeral After Southwest Kicks Him Off Passports With Purpose True or False: Great Photography Sells Hotel Rooms Picks of the Week: Jen: Hotels reviews Debbie: …

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Episode 4 – I Dream of Fiji

I shot a lot of video when I was in the Pacific. This is the first of what will be occasional episodes where I share some of the footage I took. This was taken on Waya Lailai island in the Yawasawa Islands in Fiji.

Episode 3 – Stromatolites

In this episode, I look at some of the most boring creatures on Earth….Stromatolites. Remember to subscribe on iTunes and leave some comments. A lot of people only discover podcasts through iTunes. Subscribing and leaving comments will help people find it. [display_podcast]