Episode 1 – Sydney Opera House

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It has only taken months and months, but present you Podcast Episode One.


My plan is to release one per week on Thursday. I’ll release the iTunes link as soon as it is available.

5 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Sydney Opera House”

  1. Hi Gary! I’ve always loved to travel too and been wanting to do something like this as well….i really look up to you! :)

    Right now, I’m on my third month of my grand vacation in the US. Been all over major cities in California, and I recently flew to the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Took every mode of transportation there are…car (long driving), train and bus (Amtrak), plane, metrorail, cab, flyaway bus – alone at that too.

    Looking forward to traveling more like you…

    take care and have safe trips!

  2. Hi Gary – well done on the podcast! Am looking forward to the following ones and would like to invite you to also share some of your experiences with the travel community at trivago.
    Happy travels,

  3. I do have a small lav mic, but it doesn’t fit into my new video camera. I have to get an adaptor.

  4. Very good for a first video podcast, a few of the words were hard to hear because of wind gusts so perhaps you should use a lapel mic for windy conditions?

  5. Yay Gary! I love it! I was and Art History major in college and dabbled in architecture. THIS is exactly the kind of stuff I want to know…though I still don’t know where the men’s room is : ) Keep up the good work and have fun with it.

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