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I don’t travel to check things off of a list, but I do know where I’ve been. Keeping lists can be fun and provides me with a better idea of where to go in the future.

Different lists can provide a different view of where you have been. A list of countries can show a certain breadth of travel, but doesn’t reflect how extensively you might have traveled within a country. Staying at an airport hotel isn’t the same as spending a month traveling through a country by train.

Here are several lists which can give you a feel for where I’ve been and what I’ve done:

Additionally, I’ve been to:

  • All 7 continents
  • All 50 US states
  • 9 of 10 Canadian Provinces (missing Saskatchewan)
  • 4 of 5 US Territories (missing the US Virgin Islands)
  • Every Australian state and territory

My most frequently asked question is, “What is my favorite place?”

The fact is, I don’t have a single favorite place. It is impossible to choose because different places can be great for different reasons.

For my 4th travel anniversary in 2011 I decided to document all my favorite places that I have visited around the world since I began traveling. I’ll be updating these lists every year as I visit new places and experience new things.

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