Countries and Territories I’ve Visited

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I am often asked how many countries I’ve been to. While I don’t visit countries just to check them off a list, like most people I do know where I’ve been. This list is taken from the Traveler’s Century Club list of 324 places around the world. The TCC rules state that any visit, no matter how short counts as a visit. Where I have visited a location only on a layover or passed through in a car without stopping, I have made note.

The TCC definition of a country is more expansive than just the members of the United Nations. It includes geographic, historic, and culturally distinct places. Yes, I know that Hawaii and Tasmania are not “countries” in any normal sense of the word, but they are distinct geographic and cultural destinations.

I use the TCC list just because I think it is more useful from a travel perspective than the list of UN member states, which exclude places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Antarctica, Aruba and American Samoa. There are many disagreements I have with the TCC list, but I find it a useful third party list of destinations for travelers.

This list marks the first time I visited a place, not my most recent visit. Many of the places on this list I’ve visited multiple times and will visit again in the future. My goal is to remove all footnotes attached to destinations in the future by revisiting them.

World Map

BOLD (#)

      = UN Member States

    United States (1)1969North America
    Canada (2)1977North America
    Mexico (3)1995North America
    Bahamas (4)1998Caribbean
    Alaska (USA)1999North America
    Japan (5)1999Asia
    Singapore (6)1999Asia
    France (7)1999Europe
    Belgium (8)1999Europe
    Germany (9)1999Europe
    England (UK) (10)1999Europe
    Iceland (11)2000Atlantic Ocean
    Argentina (12)2005South America
    Hawaii (USA)2006Pacific Ocean
    French Polynesia (France)2007Pacific Ocean
    Easter Island (Chile) (13)2007Pacific Ocean
    Cook Islands2007Pacific Ocean
    New Zealand (14)2007Pacific Ocean
    Fiji (15)2007Pacific Ocean
    Samoa (16)2007Pacific Ocean
    American Samoa (USA)2007Pacific Ocean
    Tonga (17)2007Pacific Ocean
    New Caledonia (France)2007Pacific Ocean
    Vanuatu (18)2007Pacific Ocean
    Solomon Islands (19)2007Pacific Ocean
    Nauru (20)2007Pacific Ocean1
    Kiribati (21)2007Pacific Ocean2
    Guam (USA)2007Pacific Ocean
    Micronesia (22)2007Pacific Ocean
    Marshall Islands (23)2007Pacific Ocean
    Northern Marinas Islands (USA)2007Pacific Ocean
    Palau (24)2007Pacific Ocean
    Philippines (25)2007Asia
    Okinawa (Japan)2007Asia
    South Korea (26)2007Asia
    Hong Kong (China) (27)2007Asia
    Macau (China)2007Asia
    Brunei (28)2007Asia
    Sarawak (Malaysia) (29)2008Asia
    Sabah (Malaysia)2008Asia
    Java (Indonesia) (30)2008Asia
    Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia)2008Asia
    East Timor (31)2008Asia
    Australia (32)2008Pacific Ocean
    Tasmania (Australia)2008Pacific Ocean
    Papua New Guinea (33)2008Pacific Ocean
    Bismark Archipelago (PNG)2008Pacific Ocean
    Sumatra (Indonesia)2008Asia
    Western Malaysia2008Asia
    Thailand (34)2008Asia
    Cambodia (35)2008Asia
    Vietnam (36)2008Asia
    Laos (37)2008Asia
    Abu Dhabi (UAE) (38)2009Middle East
    Dubai (UAE)2009Middle East
    Oman (39)2009Middle East
    Ajman (UAE)2009Middle East3
    Ras Al Kaimah (UAE)2009Middle East
    Sharjah (UAE)2009Middle East3
    Umm Al Qaiwain (UAE)2009Middle East3
    Qatar (40)2009Middle East
    Bahrain (41)2009Middle East
    Kuwait (42)2009Middle East
    Egypt (43)2009Africa
    Sinai (Egypt)2009Middle East
    Jordan (44)2009Middle East
    Israel (45)2009Middle East
    Palestine2009Middle East4
    Greece (46)2009Europe
    Italy (47)2009Europe
    Vatican City2009Europe
    San Marino (48)2009Europe
    Monaco (49)2009Europe
    Luxembourg (50)2009Europe
    Netherlands (51)2009Europe
    Portugal (52)2009Europe5
    Cayman Islands (UK)2009Caribbean
    Honduras (53)2009Central America
    Spain (54)2010Europe
    Prince Edward Island (Canada)2010North America
    South Africa (55)2010Africa
    Senegal (56)2010Africa
    Aruba (Netherlands)2010Caribbean
    Bonaire (Netherlands)2010Caribbean
    Curacao (Netherlands)2010Caribbean
    Puerto Rico (USA)2011Caribbean
    Czech Republic (57)2011Europe
    Austria (58)2011Europe
    Slovakia (59)2011Europe
    Slovenia (60)2011Europe
    Croatia (61)2011Europe
    Sicily (Italy)2011Europe
    Switzerland (62)2011Europe
    Liechtenstein (63)2011Europe
    Hungary (64)2011Europe
    Romania (65)2011Europe
    Bulgaria (66)2011Europe
    Turkey (Europe) (67)2011Europe
    Turkey (Asia)2011Asia
    Andorra (68)2011Europe
    Canary Islands (Spain)2011Atlantic Ocean
    Ecuador (69)2011South America
    Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)2011Pacific Ocean
    Wales (UK)2011Europe
    Ireland (70)2011Europe
    Northern Ireland (UK)2011Europe
    Isle of Man2011Europe
    Scotland (UK)2011Europe
    Falkland Islands (UK)2012Atlantic Ocean
    Falklands Islands Dependancies (UK)2012Antarctica
    Chilean Antarctic (Chile)2012Antarctica
    Argentine Antarctic (Argentina)2012Antarctica
    Belize (71)2012Central America
    Lord Howe Island (Australia)2012Pacific
    Sweden (72)2012Europe
    Denmark (73)2012Europe
    Gibraltar (UK)2012Europe
    Ceuta (Spain)2012Africa
    Morocco (74)2012Africa
    Finland (75)2012Europe
    Costa Rica (76)2013Central America
    El Salvador (77)2013Central America
    Guatemala (78)2013Central America
    Poland (79)2013Europe
    Bosnia and Herzegovina (80)2013Europe
    Montenegro (81)2013Europe
    US Virgin Islands (USA)2013Caribbean
    British Virgin Islands (UK)2013Caribbean
    Sint Maarten (Netherlands)2013Caribbean
    Anguilla (UK)2013Caribbean
    Saint-Martin (France)2013Caribbean
    St. Barthélemy (France)2013Caribbean
    Saba/St. Eustatius (Netherlands)2013Caribbean
    St. Kitts and Nevis (82)2013Caribbean
    Antigua and Barbuda (83)2013Caribbean
    Montserrat (UK)2013Caribbean
    Guadeloupe (France)2013Caribbean
    Dominica (84)2013Caribbean
    Martinique (France)2013Caribbean
    St. Lucia (85)2013Caribbean
    Barbados (86)2013Caribbean
    St Vincent and the Grenadines (87)2013Caribbean
    Grenada (88)2013Caribbean
    Trinidad and Tobago (89)2013Caribbean
    Panama (90)2013Central America6
    Namibia (91)2013Africa
    Lesotho (92)2014Africa
    Swaziland (93)2014Africa
    Botswana (94)2014Africa
    Mozambique (95)2014Africa
    Zimbabwe (96)2014Africa
    Zambia (97)2014Africa
    St. Helena (UK)2014Atlantic Ocean
    Angola (98)2014Africa
    Republic of Congo (99)2014Africa
    Sao Tome and Principe (100)2014Africa
    Togo (101)2014Africa
    Benin (102)2014Africa
    Ghana (103)2014Africa
    Sierra Leone (104)2014Africa
    Gambia (105)2014Africa
    Western Sahara2014Africa
    Bermuda (UK)2014Atlantic Ocean
    Turks & Caicos (UK)2014Caribbean
    Malta (106)2014Europe
    Cyprus (107)2014Europe
    Northern Cyprus2014Europe
    Crete (Greece)2014Europe
    Ionian Islands (Greece)2014Europe
    Åland Islands (Finland)2015Europe
    Haiti (108)2015Caribbean
    Dominican Republic (109)2015Caribbean
    Chile (Mainland)2015South America
    India (110)2016Asia

    Upcoming Countries

    Ethiopia (111)2016Africa
    Nicaragua2016Central America
    Albania 2016Europe
    Macedonia 2016Europe
    Srpska (Bosnia & Herzegovina)2016Europe
    Serbia 2016Europe
    Russia 2016Europe
    Estonia 2016Europe
    Latvia 2016Europe
    Lithuania 2016Europe
    Belarus 2016Europe
    Ukraine 2016Europe
    Moldova 2016Europe
    China (mainland)2016Asia


    1. I spent about an hour at the Nauru airport in the middle of the night on a layover from the Solomon Islands to Kiribati. We got off the plane and actually touched the soil. I even purchased something in the gift shop, however, I never got beyond passport control.
    2. I was denied entry into Kiribati because my passport got wet in the Solomon Islands and the ink on the page that said what dates the visa was valid bled off the page. I spent about 6 hours in Tarawa before heading to Fiji.
    3. I took a taxi from Kashab in the Musandam Peninsula of Oman to Dubai. We drove through several of the smaller emirates but didn’t stop in any other than Ras Al Kaimah.
    4. I took a bus from Ein Gedi to Jerusalem which traveled through occupied areas of the West Bank. The bus made stops as several settlements, but I did not get out.
    5. I had a flight from London to New York which had a layover in Porto of several hours. I didn’t leave the airport.
    6. I had a layover in Panama City on a flight from Trinidad to Mexico City.