Monday Travel Update – Westward Ho Edition

Posted: September 24, 2012    Categories: Site News, Travel

Rock of Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar

After almost three weeks of running around Spain, I am finally back in North American.

The last few weeks have been rather hectic. I arrived in Barcelona on the 12th and immediately took the train to Valencia where I met my friend Joantxo with Valencia Tourism who drove me to the palm covered city of Elche.

I had been in Elche briefly back in 2010 but this time I was able to explore more of the town and and visit some of the attractions in the city.

From there I rented a car and drove to the city of Granada by way of the small towns of Ubeda and Bezes, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Granada I visited the Alhambra before setting off by bus to Cordova.

The old city and cathedral/mosque of Cordoba is one of my favorite places in Spain and one of the places in Andalusia that I would like to return to.

From Cordoba I took the high speed train to Seville where I met up with several bloggers who live in the city. We had tapas one night and during the rest of my time I took photos of the cathedral, which is the largest in the world.

After Seville I took the bus to Algeciras, which is on the Mediterrian Sea on the Straight of Gibraltar. I spent one day exploring Gibraltar and then took the ferry to the Spanish city of Ceuta, which is actually on the African continent.

With my arrival in Ceuta I had made it to all 7 continents in 2012!

Ceuta borders Morocco so I took a short day trip into Morocco to visit the city of Tetouan, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I plan on visiting Morocco again to explore the country more thoroughly, but given Tetouan’s proximity to Ceuta it made more sense to visit it from there.

I had some problems leaving Ceuta because when I crossed the border back into Spain, they didn’t stamp my passport.. At the ferry terminal they refused to let me get on the ferry until I went back to the border and get a stamp.

Other than the 10 Euros I cost me to get a taxi to the border and back, it wasn’t that big of a deal other than the fact I missed my 7:30am ferry and had to wait until the 10:30am one to leave.

From there I took the bus to Malaga where I caught the high speed train to Barcelona. The next day I met my assistant Amy who had flown in for the TBEX conference in Girona. It was her first trip to Europe.

I had a great time at TBEX and met many travel bloggers for the first time. My wine was consume and much food was drunk.

I’m back in the US now for a week where I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Snowmassive meeting in Aspen on Friday with Robert Scoble and Chase Jarvis. I’ve never attended a snowsports convention before so it will be a new experience for me.

After that I’m going to be taking a break for a month. As you can guess from all the running around I’ve done during the last two months (Sweden, Mexico, Manitoba and Spain) I’m really tired. I’m going to fly to Bangkok where I’ll spend the month working and resting.

After Bangkok I’ll keep flying west to London where I’ll be speaking at the 2012 World Travel Market.

If you are in Denver, Aspen, Los Angeles or Bangkok and would like to meet up sometime during the next month, just drop me a line at

Sponsor Updates

Traveling around the world isn’t easy. I’m able to do it because of the help I get from some great sponsors.

TripIt If you haven’t noticed, TripIt is giving some lucky winner a $250 Amazon Gift Card and a year subscription to TripIt Pro and a TripIt Pro subscription to 5 other winners. Entering to win is easy and if you are regular reader, there is a good chance you have done most of what is necessary to enter.

G Adventures Tuesday in Toronto, G Adventures will be hosting their annual Future of Tourism event. Speakers will include G Adventures Founder Bruce Poon Tip, Almas Jiwani, President/CEO United Nations Women Canada and
Paula Vlamings, Executive Director, Planeterra. There is no charge, but donations are accepted which will go towards Planeterra.

Scottevest Remember that you can get 20% off all Scottevest products by using the coupon code ARNDT20. I had over 12 hours in flight today. I have sort of become addicted to using my Scottevest jackets when going through airports. It makes the process of going through security so easy, I almost feel naked if I’m not wearing it.


The big news this week was the launch of the iPhone 5. Here are some links I’ve collected about using the iPhone 5 as a global phone for international data roaming:

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