National Parks in Delaware

There is only one National Park Service Site in Delaware: the First State National Historical Park.

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NPS in Delaware

First State National Historical Park

This unit of the national park service sites in Delaware is located primarily in the state of Delaware with some parts incorporating Pennsylvania. The site encompasses the New Castle and Kent counties in Delaware. It was President Barack Obama who signed an act of Congress to declare this site a national monument in 2013, but it was later elevated into national historical park status.

This park aims to preserve the colonial history in the state of Delaware. As one unit of the national park service sites in Delaware, it played a key role in establishing the nation until it was named the first state by the Constitution (hence, the name of the park). The park tells the story of the early settlers in the area, which are mainly Native Americans, Dutch, Swedes, Finns, and English. In addition, the park aims to preserve the cultural landscape within the region of the Brandywine River Valley.

There are several components to this park which includes the following: New Castle Court House, Green and Sheriff’s House, Dover Green, and Beaver Valley.

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