2013 Travel Plans

One of the many sites we'll be visiting on my Italy Photography Tour
One of the many sites we’ll be visiting on my Italy Photography Tour
Before I begin, I should make it abundantly clear that my travel plans are always in flux. Sometimes opportunities come up at a moment’s notice. My travels for the 2nd half of 2012 ended up being totally different from what I expected they would be in June.

That being said, my travel plans for at least the first half of the year are starting to shape up. Here is the rough outline of what I’m planning for 2013:


Las Vegas – I’ll be here from January 4-9 attending New Media Expo.
Costa Rica – I’ll be in Costa Rica from January 9-31. I have never been here before and I have no plans for my stay yet.


Yukon – The first week of February I’ll be leaving the warmth of Costa Rica for the extreme cold of northern Canada. I’ll be covering the Yukon Quest sled dog race. Hopefully, I’ll also get my first photos of the northern lights.
Texas – I’ll be visiting my assistant Amy in Fort Worth. I usually stop by at least once a year to see her and her kids.
Australia – It looks like I’ll be making another visit to Australia to reshoot some sites in the Northern Territory. I’ll be traveling with G Adventures as well as doing some stuff on my own pre/post trip.


Berlin – I’ll probably be in Germany for ITB Berlin from March 6-10. This is the biggest travel industry trade show in the world.
Something in Europe – Not really sure where I’ll go yet. Again, I have tons of options.


Middle East – I’m currently thinking of visiting the Middle East. Possible destinations include Jordan, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. If I’d love to visit a few non-religious sites in Saudi Arabia, but that might be difficult.


2013 Travel Photography Tour – I will be announcing this soon. Suffice to say, those on the tour will be returning home with some amazing photos.


Toronto – I’ll be attending TBEX in Toronto June 1-2. I’ve attended every TBEX in North America and I don’t intend to miss this one!


Planned Lesser Antilles Route
Lesser Antilles – This is the big moster trip that I am planning for 2013. I am planning on going from Miami to Suriname via every country and territory in the Lesser Antilles. The Lesser Antilles compromises all the tiny islands in an arc from Puerto Rico down to South America. The trip will take 2-3 months and will cover the following countries and territories:

That sounds like a lot (and I suppose it is a lot) but most of those islands are quite small and the travel time between them is short. My plan is to spend 2-4 days in each place with 1 or 2 week long stays in one spot so I can rest and catch up on work.

The reason I want to go is because the Caribbean is my backyard here in the United States, yet I have never been to any of these places other than the Bahamas. Moreover, most people have no idea most of these countries exist. They only hear about them during the opening ceremony of the Olympics or if something bad happens. I want to see the Caribbean beyond the all inclusive resorts.

I am not including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba or Jamaica as part of this trip as they are large enough to warrant their own trips. Also, I have already visited Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.


I have no freaking clue. I’ll probably go somewhere for the entire month to edit photos from the Caribbean trip. I’ve always wanted to spend a month in London. Maybe I’ll do that.


North – I’m thinking of maybe visiting the Arctic. Perhaps Norway, Iceland and/or Greenland. Another option is to take the Trans-Mongolian Railroad from St. Petersburg to Beijing.


This is too far ahead to plan. At some point I really need to visit China and India. This might be the year to finally do that.

It is shaping up to be another exciting year for travel!