7 Wonders of America

The White Pass and Yukon Railway - Skagway, Alaska

When the New Seven Wonders of the World came out, I added my two cents—it wasn’t always favorable, because there’s a lot that doesn’t make much sense in how that global contest panned out. Buy that list inspired me to look the countries—including the USA—that I visit with an eye toward the natural, manmade, and …

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The Seven Wonders of Spain

Overlooking the skyline of Alicante, Spain

Spain is a country that needs no introduction to the world on why visit—north to south the country has long attracted visitors keen to hike in the Pyrenees and explore Asturia, experience the cosmopolitan charm of Barcelona and the otherworldly landscapes in the Canary Islands. And through it all—travelers and locals enjoy world-class tapas, seafood, …

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The Seven Wonders of Japan

I bring you, in no particular order, the Seven Wonders of Japan. Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto Kiyomizu-dera is a Tendi Buddhist temple in Kyoto and is one of the oldest and best-known temples in a historic city filled with temples. The current building was built in 1633 by the third Tokugawa shogun and temples on the location …

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