Photo Essay: 20+ Photos of Amazing Egypt

Egypt had long been a place I was eager to visit, it was high on my travel bucket list during my previous two years of traveling the world. The Pyramids of Giza and the other Egyptian ruins are some of the most ancient remnants of human civilization.

Visiting Egypt didn’t disappoint. Despite a rather negative experience at the pyramids, my experience in Egypt overall was a positive one.

I went scuba diving in Alexandria to see the ruins of the ancient lighthouse, traveled all the way to Abu Simbel, sailed down the Nile from Aswan to Luxor, crossed the Sinai Peninsula and visited the world’s oldest monastery: St. Catherine’s. I marveled at seeing the Seven Wonders of Egypt in person, and most of country’s key UNESCO World Heritage sites as well.

I know that the recent turmoil in Egypt has soured many people on visiting, but I would return again in a heartbeat. 

Amazing photo of a statue head on Abu Simbel temple
A statue head on Abu Simbel Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the far south, located along the shores of Lake Nasser.

Slave Hieroglyphics on the main Abu Simbel temple
Amazing slave hieroglyphics on the main Abu Simbel temple are still clearly visible after all the centuries.

The Alexandria Library
Sweeping views of the Great Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt—one of the most significant libraries in the ancient world.

Boats and Fort Qataby
Colorful boats bobbing in the water in front of the Citadel of Qaitbay, a fort in Alexandria, Egypt

Electrical Infrastructure at High Damn, Aswan
Electrical infrastructure runs in rows at High Damn, Aswan.

Faluca on Nile in Aswan
Lazy days on Egypt’s amazing Nile River—this is a felucca (a traditional wooden sailing boat) headed to Aswan.

Doorway in Aswan
Sunny days and colorful doors of the world in Aswan.

Mohamed Ali Mosque in Cairo
Sunset views of the ornate Mohamed Ali Mosque in historic Cairo.

Skyline of Cairo
Sweeping views of Cairo’s incredible skyline yield sightings of some of the most important and historic spots in the city.

Falcon Statue in Edfu Temple
A falcon statue stands tall at Edfu Temple, an Egyptian temple located on the northern banks of the Nile River.

Inner Sanctum in Edfu Temple
Views of the inner sanctum in Edfu Temple.

Pyramid Profile in Giza
Stunning blue skies make the pyramids of Giza look particularly amazing.

Sphinx and Pyramid in Giza
An iconic shot of the Sphinx and the Pyramid in Giza.

Pyramids and the Giza Neighborhood
People live closer to the pyramids than you might assume—this is a neighborhood in Giza with easy pyramid sightings.

Hatshepsuts Temple in Luxor
Seeming emerging from the rocks is Hatshepsut’s Temple in Luxor.

Row of Sphinxes at Karnak Temple
A row ow of sphinxes line the entrance to Karnak Temple near Luxor, Egypt.

Heiroglyph Carvings in Komombo
Incredible hieroglyphic carvings in Kom Ombo, an agricultural town once known as Nubt, which means City of Gold.

Luxor Temple in Luxor
What’s left to explore of the Luxor Temple in Luxor.

Cows on the Nile River Bank
River boats are the best way to explore the country—you see ordinary life happening along the banks of the Nile River.

Pillars of the Philae Temple in Aswan
Regal pillars stand tall at the Philae Temple in Aswan.

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