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Daily Travel Zen – Wallaman Falls, Queensland, Australia

Wallaman falls is the highest waterfall in Australia. You might want to adjust your volume. I’m still getting the hang of video and the audio might be a bit loud.

If you have the bandwidth, you can download a High Definition version of the waterfall. You can see how much better the quality of my camera is on this.

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  1. Gary says:

    I”ll be doing that in the podcast. This is NOT the podcast.

    These things are just leftover B-roll footage which will occasionally take the place of a daily photo.

    No edits. No zooms. No talking. The whole point is I can get them up easily.

  2. Mike Pugh says:

    No cuts? No zooms? No varied shots? I for one would like to see some more texture around this place — and you or someone local talking about it. seem to be the video site of the moment, and they support HD video.

  3. kevin says:

    I like these clips of nature, like Sunrise Earth. Put it on a loop for ambient noise. I suppose the hardest part is making sure the shot isn’t ruined by other people or modern life (planes, cars, mobiles, etc.)

  4. Gary says:

    1) Viddler has pretty good image quality compared to other flash players.

    2) The admin tools are very easy to use.

    3) Flickr didn’t have video when I started uploading. Also, the Flickr video limitation are way to strict. Only very small clips. I’m going to be doing longer form videos and Flickr wont work for that. Last weeks video was over 90 seconds, and Flickr can’t deal with that.

  5. kevin says:

    I like these short clips, it’s like Sunrise Earth. Just set up the tripod and capture a bit of nature, then loop it for continuous ambient noise. I suppose the toughest part would be making sure you don’t get interrupted by other people or modern life.

  6. Aibek says:


    what’s the reason behind using Viddler for your videos? You might have noticed that Flickr now provides video hosting as well, and you can upload your videos to your Flickr account. You are already using it for the photos anyway. Also, just to make it sure myself I uploaded same video to YouTube, Viddler and Flickr, and best quality was seen with Flickr Videos! Try it.

    Also, not sure if you exchange links with others. If so, I’d be very glad to exchange links with your site!

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