Travel to South Australia

South Australia is one of the states in Australia, which is located at the southern central part of the country. The state is home to one of the aridest parts in Australia and in the entire continent. Travel to South Australia will consist of visiting its capital city of Adelaide. However, there are plenty of other things to do and sights to see outside of Adelaide. In fact, 75% of its 1.7 million population resides in the capital city of Adelaide.

The economy of South Australia is pretty diverse. The largest employing industry is health care and social assistance. However, retail trade is also a large contributor to the state’s economy. Other top economic sources include manufacturing, automotive, defense technology, pharmaceuticals, and electronic systems. The state export is also earning billions of Australian dollars annually for the state.

Travel to South Australia

When you travel to South Australia, you will quickly come to realize the unique idiosyncrasy that makes it stand out from the other Australian states. As mentioned earlier, it is mostly filled with arid lands. The state also consists of low mountain ranges and one of the most notable of them is the Mount Lofty-Flinders Ranges system. Another notable attraction that visitors to South Australia look forward to is the wine region. There are plenty of them to choose from and all are within close proximity to Adelaide, which makes them quite accessible. The most notable wine regions in South Australia are those in McLaren Vale, Coonawarra, Adelaide Hills, and Clare Valley.

The average climate in South Australia is that of a Mediterranean climate, especially in the southern part. The average temperature is 29-degree Celsius (in January) and 15-degree Celsius (typically in July).

Facts You Didn’t Know About South Australia

Travel to South Australia

• Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is the first in the world to abolish sexual and racial discrimination. It is also the first city in the world to abolish capital punishment and give land rights to the Aboriginal natives in Australia.

• South Australia has earned the nickname the “Festival State” in Australia. The reason for this is that there are numerous festivals held in the state throughout the year such as the Adelaide Festival, Cabaret Festival, Feast Festival, and the Adelaide Film Festival. Indeed, it is the hub for art and culture that brings in tourists to travel to South Australia.

Travel to South Australia

• DID YOU KNOW that half of Australia’s wine is produced in South Australia? There are over 18 wine regions in South Australia and all are within an hour-drive from the capital city of Adelaide. These wine regions are one of the top places to visit for those who travel to South Australia.

• Aside from wines and festivals, South Australia is also a city known for its churches. There are several churches found all over the state and they range across various architectural designs. The oldest of these churches is the Holy Trinity Anglican Church that was built in 1838.

• Adelaide is known as the 20-minute city. It is arguably very accessible and you can get from point A to point B within 20 minutes or less, thus the nickname.

• South Australia is the country’s opal capital. The town of Coober Pedy, in particular, is the largest opal-producing area in the world, not just Australia. This area also sees one of the largest collections of underground houses and accommodations.

• South Australia is also the driest state in all of Australia. The lowest point in Australia can be found in South Australia’s Lake Eyre National Park.

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Travel to South Australia