Diving the Reef

Me and a giant wrasse on the Great Barrier Reef
Me and a giant wrasse on the Great Barrier Reef

I’m staying in Cairns a bit longer than I had originally thought for a few reasons: 1) It is warm and sunny here. 2) There are lots of girls in bikinis walking around the beach. 3) I have an opportunity to take my camera in a super fancy water proof housing and go diving with a real underwater photography professional this week.

If you’ve been following the site, I’ve posted some underwater photographs before, but it has all been with cheap point and shoot cameras rented for the day. The goal here would be to go nuts for one day and try to get as many underwater shots as I can. In the long term, underwater photography just isn’t possible for me. The equipment is too expensive, used too infrequently, and to bulky and heavy to carry around. While I’m sure I’ll be doing move diving after Cairns, this is probably the best opportunity I have to do this given the number of dive shops and underwater photography experts in town.

This is the third time since I’ve been in Queensland I’ve gone out of my way to get better photos. I took the short plane flight on Fraser Island, the helicopter flight in the Whitsundays and now this. I’m pretty excited.

I hope to hell the seals on the camera casing don’t leak.

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  1. Kevin, there is a small hunk of sand between the bordwalk and the water. It is right near where the city pool/lagoon is.

    Beach is just easier to say than esplanade.

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