How to Plan a Trip to Waiheke Island

How to Plan a Trip to Waiheke Island

When an internationally recognized publication like ‘Travel + Leisure’ lists Waiheke Island as the Best Island in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, and the fifth-best island in the world in 2018—and “Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel’ lists it as one of the ten best regions in the world in 2016—then you know for sure …

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Most Unforgettable Places in Queensland

Most Unforgettable Places in Queensland

“Beautiful one day, perfect the next”—Queensland tourism was spot on when they created that slogan. With warm tropical weather all year round, Queensland, Australia is the perfect spot for a getaway any time of the year. From the gorgeous Queensland beaches, laid back cities, and stunning outback landscapes, there are plenty of things to do …

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Australian Fossil Mammal Sites

Australian Fossil Mammal Sites - UNESCO World Heritage Site

From the Australian Fossil Mammal Sites: World Heritage inscription: Australia is regarded as the most biologically distinctive continent in the world, an outcome of its almost total isolation for 35 million years following separation from Antarctica. Only two of its seven orders of singularly distinctive marsupial mammals have ever been recorded elsewhere. Two of the …

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December in Australia

I’m happy to report that I’ll be spending most of the month of December in Australia! Starting in early December I’ll be embarking on a 3-week long tour of Australia with G Adventures. This tour will be the 5th continent I will have traveled to with G Adventures and my longest trip with them to …

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Thoughts on Australia

Over the course of the last five years, I’ve been able to explore more of Australia than most Australians have. I’ve been to every Australian state and territory and have driven over 20,000km throughout the country. My recent trips to New South Wales and Victoria this year have given me a new opportunity to see …

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Australian Convict Sites

Australian Convict Sites - UNESCO World Heritage Site

From the World Heritage inscription for Australian Convict Sites: The property includes a selection of eleven penal sites, among the thousands established by the British Empire on Australian soil in the 18th and 19th centuries. The sites are spread across Australia, from Fremantle in Western Australia to Kingston and Arthur’s Vale on Norfolk Island in …

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Lord Howe Islands Group

Lord Howe Islands Group

From the World Heritage inscription for the Lord Howe Island Group: Located in the South Pacific, 700 km north-east of Sydney, the property is included administratively in New South Wales. The preserve includes some 75% of the land area of Lord Howe Island and all of the offshore islands and rocks of significant size in …

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