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New South Wales is a state in Australia located along the east coast. The capital city of New South Wales is Sydney, which is also the most populous city in Australia. The state is also the most populous in the country at 7.5 million residents. Travel to New South Wales offers an endless array of sights and activities. But one thing is common with all of the states in Australia – you will delight yourself in an array of natural beauty and attractions with which Australia is in no shortage.

New South Wales was formed in 1788 and consists of the other islands outside of mainland Australia, which includes Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, and more. However, some of these islands were separated in the 19th century although Lord Howe Island remains a part of New South Wales until today.

Travel to New South Wales

The topography in New South Wales is varied; it depends on which region you are in. Since New South Wales is located on the east coast, you can expect to find a lot of coastal towns, beaches, and harbors when you travel to New South Wales. Meanwhile, you can also find numerous forests when you travel to New South Wales along with plains and slopes.

Travel to New South Wales
Mount Kosciuszko National Park

In terms of climate, New South Wales features an arid to semi-arid climate. When you travel to New South Wales in the summertime, expect a scorching hot temperature. The winter can be extremely cold, too.

The economy of New South Wales experienced a rapid boost in the 1970s along with a massive social transformation. Agriculture remains a large part of the state’s economy but new industries like financial services and information technology have also emerged. The biggest export products from New South Wales are coal and other related products. Another industry that has helped boost New South Wales’ economy is tourism. Travel to New South Wales has generated a revenue of up to $25.1 million. The tourism industry has also generated about 7% of employment in the country’s overall workforce.

National Parks in NSW

Travel to New South Wales

There is a total of 780 national parks in New South Wales alone. It accounts for 8% of the national parks and nature preserves in the country. These parks feature a wide range of topographical landscapes including forests, waterfalls, outback deserts, rugged bushes, marine parks, and UNESCO World Heritage enlisted sites. The first national park in Australia, Royal National Park, can also be found in New South Wales. Meanwhile, the Kosciuszko National Park is the largest in New South Wales in terms of land area, which comprises the alpine region of the state.

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Travel to New South Wales

New South Wales Destinations

Travel to New South Wales
Mungo National Park

When you travel to New South Wales, you can expect no shortage of attractions and destinations to explore. Below are some of the must-visit destinations in the region:

Sydney – Sydney is one of the global cities and the most popular city in Australia. It is also the capital of New South Wales. Among the attractions in Sydney, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are two of the most iconic sites. You can also go to the Skywalk, which is a 268-meter walking platform, is also a must-try. It offers a 360-degree view of the city and its surrounding suburbs and harbors.

Travel to New South Wales

Blue Mountains National Park – This is a protected national park within the Blue Mountains region with which the park is named after. It is one of the most famous wilderness areas in Australia, not just in New South Wales. The most iconic attraction in Blue Mountains National Park is the Three Sisters peak.

Wollongong – This is another seaside attraction more popularly known among locals as “The Gong”. The coastline is known for its rock pools and surfing beaches. You can also find the Illawarra mountain range that features numerous hiking trails amidst a thick forest and rocky cliffs.

Byron Bay – This beachside town in the far northeastern part of New South Wales is another must-see in Australia. There are incredible beaches for avid surfers and camping sites for outdoor lovers. It has the right combination of a laid back and active lifestyle in one destination.

Travel to New South Wales
Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales, Australia

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