In the Blue Mountains

I am currently in Katoomba, New South Wales. The drive to here from Canberra wasn’t that far, but it took me four hours. I got lost leaving Canberra because I couldn’t find any clear signs in town showing the way out, nor was there any sort of clear indication how to do it on my map. I eventually had to end up doing things like looking at the shadows on cars to figure out where north was and sort of muddled my way out of town.

I then encountered a detour on a highway where the detour sign simply pointed away from the road, and there were no other signs telling you how to get back on the road. I just turned left at every opportunity and eventually it worked.

Katoomba isn’t far from Sydney and is in the Blue Mountains National Park. It is a small tourist town like so many I’ve seen in other countries. Unlike other towns where the main attraction may be several miles out of town, Katoomba is literally on the edge of a canyon. A pretty big canyon too. I was able to walk down the road for about 20 minutes with my camera and get to the edge of the canyon to take photos at sunset. It is almost like having a city on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Tomorrow I’ll explore some more of the town and some of the near by caves which were suggested in the comments by some readers. After that I’m off to Sydney. Before I go to Tasmania, I need to send my old camera bag home. I’ve packed it with crap I don’t want to carry around any more. I’ve managed to lighten my bag considerably. I’ve also purchased two large zip-lock bags for my clothes. They have an air escape valve so I can roll the bags up like they were vacuum sealed bags and I save a considerable amount of space.

Oh, has anyone gotten the post cards I’ve sent from Bali yet? I haven’t heard from anyone. I would have thought they would have arrived by now. I don’t know if they travel by sea or air. If you’ve gotten one, let me know.

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  1. NRL season just started up (most loved sport in NSW), and AFL season starts this week, so you should get to one of those if you can. I need to get back to Australia soon.

  2. Hi there,,, just looking around… Have you been to The Great Barrier Reef??? Far NorthQueensland If not you should go there,, It’s Amazing… Hope you’re doing well.. and may you have more exciting travels and places to conquer….

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