Sydney Or The Bush!

Tomorrow brings this leg of the Australia adventure to an end. My very roundabout trip from Melbourne to Sydney has taken me to the Great Southern Ocean, 105F (40C) degree temperature in Mungo National Park, the top of the continent, and to the canyons of the Blue Mountains.

I’m about halfway through the Great Ocean Road Photos and hope to have to Mungo and Blue Mountain Photos up on Flickr by the end of tomorrow. I’ll explore Sydney for about 4 days I figure before I head off to either Tasmania or Lord Howe Island, depending on flights.

I ended up sleeping for 4 hours this afternoon. I’ve done a lot of walking this past week and my body has been sore. Also, I only tend to get 5-6 hours sleep a night.

Oh, my little website has been nominated for the 2008 Traveloution Awards in the Best Consumer Blog category.

  • Travel Mail Blog
  • Viator Blog
  • Select World Travel
  • Travel Rants

I am really the odd guy out on that list. Travel Mail is the travel website for the London Globe and Mail newspaper. Viator is a rather large and well-funded travel sites that list 42 contributors to their blog. Select World Travel is an agency which does tours. Travel Rants tends to fit the traditional blog mold, but they have been around a while and have a pretty large readership. In fact, if you click on the link and look at all the other categories, I really look out of place. They are all really big companies.

I feel like the guy who shows up to the Oscars wearing a baby blue tuxedo that was last worn in 1978 while everyone else has on diamonds and designers dresses. To give you an idea, I’m typing this on the floor of a youth hostel.

That being said, it is nice to know that people take notice of what you are doing. It’s an honor to be listed with other high-quality sites. Hopefully, I can keep it up and keep things interesting as I travel.

*The title of this post comes from old Peanuts comics I read. Like Charlie Brown, I’m not totally sure what it means.

5 thoughts on “Sydney Or The Bush!”

  1. For my money, I’d rather spend my time reading about someone actually traveling like most of us do (eg: sitting on the floor of a youth hostel) than someone sitting in a nice office or staying in 4-star hotels….

  2. Hi Gary
    Very nice of you to ” Big” Us up, but in fact Select World Travel is just a small 1 off Independent Travel agency in the middle of Great Malvern in the heart of England. We act for Tour Operators and offer Tailor-made itineraries to our clients and our Blog is designed to showcase our Photos,Videos etc when our consultants go on fam trips, latest Industry News, Strikes etc and eventually to act as a one stop shop for our clients etc.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Baby Blue Tux! Pleasae can you also change the link on TRAVEL RANTS, I’d Hate to think that Darren at Rants would think i’ve tried bribing you into having our link on his site! as well as you linking to us.
    You have a great site, Lets hope it’s the small boys that win the awards, instead of those with thousands of pounds, resources and 654 Journalists all working on the same project.
    Good luck with your journeys and the awards.

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