Good Old North New South Wales

Just a quick update. I’m in Ballina NSW, just south of Byron Bay. The McDonald’s here had wifi, so I stopped to check my email.

I spent last night in Coffs Harbor. The drive was very uneventful. This part of Australia is much more green and lush than what I saw in Victoria.

From here I’ll be stopping at Springbook National Park, which is the most accessible section of the Gondwana Raninforests World Heritage Site. From there I’ll go to Brisbane for the night. It is only 11am so I have plenty of time. I figure I’m about 2 hours from Brisbane, and Sprinkbrook shouldn’t be more than 30-45 min from the highway.

It turns out that the schools here have the next two weeks off, so there was a ton of traffic coming out of Sydney on Saturday. I’m hoping it gets better as I get north of Brisbane.

I also got stopped in a road side drunk driving check point. The cops here seems much….nicer, than American cops. They aren’t out to make you respect their authority. All the signs on the side of the road are about slowing down, taking rest breaks, and how there are speed cameras everywhere. It is like taking a road trip in Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother is everywhere.

It is now rugby season, so most of the talk on the radio is all about “footy”.

I’ll see you next time from Queensland.

6 thoughts on “Good Old North New South Wales”

  1. Holidays Are just about over in Qld, (started a week earlier than NSW) so it should get better here.

  2. Cost depends on where you go, how you travel and long long you travel. However, $100,000 is FAR more than most people budget for a trip like this. Most people do backpacking trips with a budget of around $20,000 a year. If you stay extended periods in a place that is cheap, it can be much less. If you fly a lot or are in Europe/Australia, it can be much more.

  3. Gary, I’ve been a fan and following your posts for a couple months. Stumbled across you as I was researching plans for my own adventure. (2 years hence) Would it be too intrusive or nosy to inquire about money spent? I’d be fascinated to see at the top of your page “months traveled, distance traveled, countries visited, money spent.” Personally, I’m wondering how long and how far 100K is going to take me. What do you think?

  4. Amy, the legal limit is half that of the US.

    When I was in wstern autraslia, the tour guide got pulled over. then he got out of the car and walked to the cops. I was like uhhh what the hell are you doing? I thought he was going to get shot right there….but apprently, thats pretty normal to do in OZ…

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