Buh Bye Brisbane

My very brief time in Brisbane is over. I have several people in the area who contacted me, but I wasn’t able to meet up with anyone. My apologies to everyone.

Queensland is really big. It is bigger than Alaska and 2.5x bigger than Texas. I still have over 800 miles to go to get to Cairns and it took 10 hours of driving just to get from Sydney to Brisbane.

Yesterday I managed to take advantage of the only free wifi connection I’ve found in Australia to get totally caught up on my photos. If you go to my Flickr page, you can see all my photos from Tasmania and Springbrook National Park. This is the first time I’ve been totally caught up on my photos in months.

Today I’m off to Fraser Island. It is the world’s largest sand island and a World Heritage site. It is also one of the big east coast backpacker destinations. I’ll probably do a day tour of the island, which is probably one of the only places in the world where the buses have four-wheel drive. I’ll also do a few other stops on the way to Cairns, probably to do some diving.

I also have a request to make to the masses. I am having problems with iMovie 08 on my Mac. When I try to edit clips from my camera (Sanyo Xacti 1000) they seem to work fine in editing mode. When I export to anything, however, the video is gone. The audio works and the text overlay is there, but no video. The video is black or just a still image depending on what I try to export as. Back in the US, Kris seems to be able to edit things just fine on his Mac, so I think the problem might be a codec issue or something. I have all the updates that I know of installed. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?