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Daily Travel Photo – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Carnival at night, Melbourne, Australia

Carnival at night, Melbourne, Australia

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  1. Gary says:

    I had my tripod and just did 1 second exposures of moving carnival rides. I took a bunch of them, most of which didn’t turn out very well. For this one, I waited until the arm of the ride came down and I pressed the shutter to get the maximum amount of movement.

  2. Hi Gary – seems like you’re having fun in Oz! I’ve just stumbled across your blog and, as it is a place which somewhat intrigues me, am looking forward to your take on Christmas Island.
    Happy travels & greetings from Cape Town,

  3. maline says:

    ah, you made me miss melbourne again! nice shot! i missed the carnival at birrarung marr! how i wish i take pics beautifully like you! :)

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