Spring Travel Plans

Colosseum in Rome
Rome is one of the many places I'll be revisiting
The last few months haven’t been the most exciting in terms of my travels. I had a great time in Puerto Rico, Acapulco and Hawaii, but other than that I’ve been attending conferences and doing other stuff necessary to running a travel website.

This spring however, I’m going to be going back into hardcore travel mode!

Thanks to the assistance of my friend Amy, who is now the keeper of my calendar, I have a pretty solid schedule for the next three months. I’ll be visiting a lot of places I’ve never been before as well as a few that I have visited previously.

If you are in any of the cities I’ll be in and would like to meet up, let me know.

April 15- April 18: New York City, Adobe Lightroom Workshop

April 18 – May 1: Prague, Czech Republic to Venice, Italy
I have no idea what my route will be yet, but I plan on passing through Brataslava, Vienna, Salzburg and Ljubljana.

May 1 – May 10: Cruising from Venice to Barcelona.
I’ll be on the inaugural cruise of the Carnival Magic. Ports of call will include Dubrovnik, Messina, Naples, Civitavecchia (Rome), Livorno (Florence/Pisa), and Monaco.

May 10- May 12: Road trip to Andorra
If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for tiny countries and Andorra is a reasonable drive from Barcelona. I should also get some great photos from the Spanish Pyrenees.

May 12- May 20: Switzerland Trip
I’ll be visiting the major cities of Switzerland as a guest of Switzerland Tourism. Schedule included Zurich, Bern, Geneva and Basel.

May 20 – June 4: Budapest to Istanbul
As one of G Adventure’s Wanderers in Residence I’ll be going on my first tour of 2011. The route from Budapest to Istanbul will pass through Romania and Bulgaria.

June 4 – June 10: Somewhere in Canada
I’m not sure where I’ll be yet, but I should be doing something, somewhere in Canada.

June 11 – June 12: TBEX 2011, Vancouver
I’ll be speaking at the Travel Blog Exchange conference in Vancouver.

June 13 – June 20: I’m guessing I’ll use this time to catch up on work, but I have no idea where.

June 21 – 26: F1 Grand Prix of Europe, Valencia, Spain

June 27 – July ???: Andalucia, Canary Islands and Madrid, Spain
I don’t know the exact dates or schedule yet but I’ll be visiting the south of Spain. I might make some side trips to Ceuta and Gibraltar.

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  1. Good thing you can’t see me now…I’m green with envy! Looks like you have a pretty incredible few months ahead of you. I haven’t been to any countries in Eastern Europe yet–only Western–and I’m dying to explore Bratislava, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc. I’ll get there soon enough. Until then, I look forward to seeing your posts about your adventures!

  2. That is what I call a busy schedule. There was a picture of the colosseum in Rome and it said it was one of the places you were headed but i didn’t see in on your list of things to do. Rome is one of my favorite places to visit, Do you ever get home to relax at all?

  3. Gary, this is my first comment here but your blog and travels have provided plenty of inspiration over the past couple of years. So if there’s any way I can reward you with any tips or info on Romania, please let me know.

    For now, all I can say is go off the beaten path a bit in Transylvania; don’t miss out on the fortified churches and the “Hungarian enclaves” in the mountains and trust me, even missing out on “Dracula’s castle” is worth a visit to the South-West region of Banat. So many people skip it and it’s a shame. There’s plenty of natural beauty:



    (You can cruise the mighty Danube and hit Serbia on the other side while you’re at it)

    and plenty of… uniqueness. There’s a village close to the tragically decrepit Baile Herculane that you can only access by climbing a 400 step ladder. Every morning a teacher climbs the ladder to reach her six students. Sick people and the dead are tied to a ladder and carried down the ladder where an ambulance awaits at the bottom. It’s quite surreal.


    Also, on your way to Istanbul do stop in the beautiful Dobrogea region that is also often ignored by tourists, probably for the better.


    You could always swing by Europe’s last lepper colony-turned-winery while you’re at it…

    Happy travels!

    • Thanks for finally commenting Claudia! I’m on a tour with Gap Adventures so my schedule is pretty set, but I will see what I can do while I’m there.

  4. Hardcore to say the least! Our paths will cross at TBEX and if you need a place to recoup, catch up and recharge consider Seattle! The weather will be great and you have a ninja here at your service!

  5. This itinerary sounds incredible. Looking forward to reading some reports from these places especially the cruise

  6. Gary, regardless of your schedule, please let me know if you need any information on Andalucia, Madrid and, particularly Seville. I’ll be glad to help (and invite you to some tapas if possible!).

  7. Still no visit to Portugal, Gary? :(

    Congrats on the space program participation, surely a dream come true. Hope everything pans out your way.

    Best regards,

  8. I’m also heading to the Czech Republic for the first time 14-21 April. Using this trip to kick-off a new web project too, although not quite as ambitious as your RTW travel Perhaps we can connect?

  9. I will be in Istanbul more than 1 night.

    As I currently have scheduled I’ll be there at least 3 nights and depending on how my flights to Canada work out, maybe a few days more.

  10. Gary, after your Budapest to Istanbul trip you have “do something in Canada” for June 4-10. Seeing as the trip to Istanbul only spends one night there, I would personally plan to spend a little more time there – it’s a very photogenic city, full of interesting things and places.

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