13,311 Miles, 85 days, 25 States and 17 Heritage Sites Later

During my road trip I saw the buffalo roam...
During my road trip I saw the buffalo roam...
My three month North America road trip is over.

This was by far the most driving I’ve ever done in a single period in my life. The final tally for what I saw and experienced was more than what I initially expected. It was a busy three months and in the end it was something I was very glad I did.

There were two major reasons why I decided to undertake this trip. The first, is that I would always meet people who were interested in visiting the United States and many of the places I suggested they visit were places I myself had never been. I figured before I set off to travel around the world again, I should take the time to explore my own country. The second reason was so I could meet in person many of the people I only knew from online. On both counts the trip was a success.

Some of the things I experienced in the last three months:

So what’s next? Thanks to Gary’s Paradox, I spent so much time driving, shooting and meeting people during the last month I haven’t had much time to write anything. I hope to share many of the stories and photos I’ve taken during the last three months while I’m still in the US in December. So now that I’m not traveling, my travel writing will increase.

I’ll mostly be in Wisconsin during December with brief side trips to Chicago and Minneapolis before Christmas. If you are in any of those cities and would like to meet up, let me know.

In January I’ll be taking off again to Thailand by way of Hawaii and Fiji. I’m going to be slowing down the pace of my travels and I hope to stay in Thailand for 2-3 months before I move on. I’m going to be experimenting with longer-form content like slideshows and video.

It is going to be fun.

6 thoughts on “13,311 Miles, 85 days, 25 States and 17 Heritage Sites Later”

  1. Wow, what really puts this into scale is how short the distance appears on the map when you were in Canada yet that alone is a really long trek.(Especially with the mountains) Then you look at the rest…

  2. Awesome, Gary! I look forward to reading about your travels in the U.S., since, frankly, that’s where most of my travels are these days. Visiting Yellowstone this summer.

  3. What an awesome trip! I have to confess that I’m very envious – I love road trips but haven’t been on one for many years. I have a lot of good memories of quite a few of the places you visited, and would love to go back and see them again someday.

    Thanks also for the mention – it was great to meet you too (as well as many of the other bloggers at BWE) and hope our paths will cross again!

  4. I’m glad you had the opportunity to explore more of the U.S. – and so many great national parks along the way! It was a pleasure meeting you while you were in Las Vegas for the Expo. Maybe our paths will cross again someday.

  5. wow! great trip! I would love to do the same here in Brazil – one day!
    how fun that you got to meet so many bloggers out there!
    Thailand sounds like the perfect antidote for the cold winter in the midwest during the holidays! ;)
    you should come to Brazil too!

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