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2012: A Year in Photography


2012 was a busy travel year for me. I visited all seven continents, 18 countries and flew over 150,000 miles. I was exhausted for much of the year, but on the upside I came away with some amazing photos. I made some great strides as a photographer in 2012. I improved my mastery of Lightroom and have have worked on going out of my way to get better shots. My gear didn’t change much during the year. I purchased a new carbon fiber tripod in March and replaced the 18-200mm lens I had been using since 2007. I also celebrated my 5-year anniversary of publishing my daily photo and released my iPhone Travel Photography app.

It was a good year for photography and I plan on making 2013 even better!

Ushuaia, Argentina

Stanley, Falkland Islands

Salisbury Plain, South Georgia Island

Paradise Bay, Antarctica

Half Moon Island, Antarctica

Caye Caulker, Belize

Sydney, Australia

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Bryson City, North Carolina

Yosemite National Park, California

Monument Valley, Utah

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend at Lake Powell, Arizona

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Fjallbacka, Sweden

Tetouan, Morocco

Elche, Spain

Granada, Spain

Girona, Spain


Churchill, Manitoba

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Stonehenge, England

Bath, England

Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

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  1. Wow! Morocco so cool :)

  2. Daniel says:

    Swear I couldn’t close my mouth as I was going through your pictures… glad I didn’t drool.

    Awesome job!

  3. WOWWWW!!!
    Great photos!!

  4. Bre says:

    It’s actually spelled Antarctica :)

  5. Jade says:

    Wow! This makes me so excited for our upcoming trip. I’ve been to Antelope Canyon and I definitely understand why that made it to your top list, that place is MAGICAL! But the gibraltar monkeys, the penguins, stonehenge, the lush grasses of australia!! oh my!

    Thanks for the inspiration

  6. Lina says:

    Gary, Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing them. :)

  7. barbara says:

    Your photos are indeed stunning and so is the list of places you have traveled to! Keep up the good work, your photography is excellent.

  8. Debbie says:

    Absolutely stunning photos. Especially makes me want to explore Antarctica and Arizona!

  9. Glad to see Belize made the list. Awesome photos Gary!

  10. Tariq Akhlaq says:

    great photos .You should also visit northern areas of Pakistan specially the karakoram and k2 the second highest peak in the world

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