Episode 2 – The Tropic of Capricorn

As I was driving through the outback of Australia, I drove past this sign. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass, so I pulled over the van and did an impromptu podcast. If you ever wondered why the tropics are the tropics, now you’ll know. [display_podcast]

Google Earth Update

Something I forgot to mention. I have uploaded a new copy of my Google Earth map. The red lines show where I’ve been and the green show (sort of) where I’m going. It’s subject to lots of change of course. The routes are only approximate. I didn’t make the lines follow the road in New …

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My Trip In Airport Code

I’m still working on my Rennell photos. To hold you over, here is a summary of my trip to date in the form of three letter airport codes: MSP–>DFW–>LAX–>ITO–>OGG–>HNL–>PPT–>IPC–>PPT–>RAR–>AKL–>NAN–>APW –>PPG–>APW–>TON–>APW–>NAN–>NOU–>VLI–>HIR–>RNL–>HIR–>INU–>TRW–>NAN –>SUV–>FUN–>SUV–>NAN–>CXI–>HNL–>GUM I’ll keep this as a running list. I think it’s interesting to view it this way.

Winners of the Allianz New York Times Travel Show Experience

I got back from New York where I attended the 2016 New York Times Travel Show with Allianz Travel Insurance. As you may have seen earlier, the folks at Allianz held a contest where 3 lucky people were able to attend the show as well as experience a weekend in New York. The winners were: …

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New Site Feature: Click on the Daily Photo

I just want to tell everyone about a new feature I added to the site. Starting today, and with the other Daily Photos on the front page of the site, if you click on the image, you will see a nice big 900 pixel wide version of the image. If you are familiar with such …

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Amateur Traveler Interview – The World Heritage Sites of the USA

Once again, I was recently a guest on the Amateur Traveler Podcast with Chris Christensen. This time we talked about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the United States. As of the time of recording in 2015, there are 22 world heritage sites in the United States, and I have been to 21 of them: …

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Amature Traveler Podcast Interview – Micronesia

I am featured on this week’s Amateur Traveler Podcast where I talk about my trip to Micronesia. (Hence, the photo of Palau for today’s Daily Photo.) The Amateur Traveler Podcast is one of my favorite travel podcasts along with the Indie Travel Podcast. Both podcasts focus on talking to real people, not just having tour …

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Caesar in Ponhpei

When you travel on the seat of your pants like I do (not booking far in advance and doing things at the last minute) there is always the risk of not being able to go somewhere at the time you want. The biggest risk is running into a busy weekend or a convention and there …

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So that thing about the thing….

So…..now I am going to Musandam. Arun, who lives in Oman and met me on Twitter, came through and figured out where I had to go. The ferry company is in a very nondescript building with a temporary sign out front behind a tree With all the money they spent on the boat, they forgot …

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