Back To Work…

I haven’t updated much this week because there hasn’t been anything to update about. I’ve done nothing. I do mean nothing.

…unless watching sores heal counts as something, I basically holed up in my hotel room all week. Thanks to my amazing immune system (seriously, I seldom get sick), most of the gross stuff on my body is now gone. I have some residual stuff on my shoulder, but that was from my botched attempt at trying to bandage myself, not from the impetigo.

Tomorrow however, I’m back out in the real world.

Tomorrow I head back to Apia, Samoa. On Wedensday I head to Tonga for a week, then I’m back to Apia to catch the boat to Tokelau….the reason for all this wait.

I’m giving up on trying to book my own travel in the Pacific. Yet again, the information I’ve gotten on flights in the region was wrong. This time it was the airline’s own information right from the inflight magazine that failed me. There are too many small airlines around here who change their routes too often. I’m going to work with a travel agent in Suva or Apia and just book all my Melonesia flights at one go.

I will need to head to Suva, Fiji at some point to visit the Kiribati embassy to apply for a visa. They are the only country in the region that I need to get a visa for. Why, I don’t know. They are a former British colony. I guess they want to make tourism harder than it otherwise is in the Pacific.

I’m ready to get going again.

I’d also like to exten congratulations to Tim Greenfield and Devin Evers of Apple Valley High School in Minnesota. I coached speech for both of them when they were Freshmen. Last week at the NFL National Tournament, they placed 6th and 12th respectively .