Fiji Winding Down

I’m at the airport in Nadi waiting for my 1:30am flight back across the International Date Line to Apia, Samoa. I figure I’ll upate the old web site.

I have a lot to say, but I’ll save it for when I can post from my laptop, where I’ve been writing all week. I’m leving Fiji with a very very different view than I had one week ago. I didn’t know what to think before I came here. I knew they had a military coup recently, but not much more.

I leave having met tons of people this week, made lots of friends, sores all over my body, tired and in a pretty good mood. I’m going to sleep in while in Samoa (I get to redo Saturday, so why not), check with the Tokelau Office to see when the boat leaves, and try to get good internet. What I find out about the Tokelau boat will determine where I go from there.

I’m also woking on some big picture posts about my travels, but I’m not going to post anything till I get more places under my belt. I’m not sure I have a big enough sample size yet to comment.

I met THREE people from the Twin Cities in Fiji and two more from Iowa. Those were the only Americans I met on the islands (a big group from the University of Georgia was on the boat). I met people from England, Scotand, Northern Ireland, Ireland, France, Austria, Switerland, Germay, Finland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Netherlands, and I’m probably forgetting a few.

If I’m luckly, I’ll have my Fiji photos up tomorrow sometime and know what I’ll be doing the next few weeks.