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Just a quick update before I leave Fiji tonight. I will traveling a day into the past. I have 24 hours to undo everything I’ve done today. I will be issuing updates every hour in video format. I’m calling it “24”. I think the idea will fly.

I have some great stuff from Fiji and I had a blast. Met lots of interesting people. Can’t upload anything from here. I might make it to an internet cafe in Nadi tonight. I don’t know.

My next few days are totally up in the air. Once I reach Apia, I have to check with the Tokelau Liason Office to see when the boat leaves. I might be on a 48 hour boat ride tomorrow, or I might just be in Samoa….or American Samoa. I don’t know. It’s sort of out of my hands right now. My schedule should get more set as I finish this part of the trip in the next 2-3 weeks.

Here in Fiji, I got to visit the local village yesterday, meet some kids, watch a local rugby match, went diving today (3x in Fiji), and the night before got to take part in some Kava with the men in the village. Not too shabby.

I’m seriously considering getting a world ban cellphone.