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I’m not dead.

Ok, I have a very limited amount of time to write this and the connection sucks, so it is going to be short. I have a much longer update on my laptop, but I can’t get that onto here as this computer has no USB slots (which gives you an idea of what I’m using).

In summary. I’m at my third resort in the Yasewas. I’ve met most of the United Kingdom. I’ve met the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I’ve gone diving twice and snorkeling over a reef several times. Had pretty good food. Have a wierd armpit sore which makes it hard to move my arm. Haven’t worn shoes or sandals in several days. Haven’t showered in several days either (I’m sure you didn’t want to know that). Had a blast getting drunk with some Irish guys.

Taken several nice photos and panoramic photos of the places I’ve stayed.

I didn’t know what to expect in Fiji, but it has been well worth the trip. I’ll probably be online tomorrow a bit, but there is a long line to use the net here.

To everyone who has sent me emails, I’ll try to reply later when I have more time. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be getting any better internet access than I’ll get in Nadi over the next few months. If anyone would like to do me a favor and research places I could get wifi or free wifi in Samoa, American Samoa, or Tonga, that would be super. I need several hours on my laptop to get get photos up and my longer posts.

Likewise, If anyone knows how to get a Citizen watch replaced or know what the warranty is, I’d love to know. The “water resistant” to 10 bar or 100m claim is total bullshit.

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  1. Tonga:

    The Hotel Nuku‘alofa
    conveniently located in the heart of downtown Nuku‘alofa, Tonga, where you are moments away from the Royal Palace, the open-air market, handicrafts shops, the water front, duty free shops, the Royal Tombs, and many other fascinating sites.
    Facilities: Rooms – serviced daily, tea/coffee, refrigerator, local and international direct dialling access, internet access, Restaurant, and Bar
    Rates: From 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005 (includes 7.5% tax)
    Single Tonga Pa’anga $86.00 Twin/Double $102.00 Triple $118.25
    Contact: Utahna Sanft Taumoepeau (Manager),
    Hotel Nuku’alofa, P.O. Box 32, Nuku’alofa, Tonga.
    Telephone: 24-244 or 24-192 Fax: 23-154 or 26-833

    Kolovai Beach:
    Western District Youth Hall and Computer Center
    Established in 2001 as a Peace Corps project, the Western District Youth Hall and Computer Center has nine computers and full Internet access available to both locals and tourists for a small hourly fee.
    type: Internet Cafe

    GameStop Internet Cafe
    provide quality, up-to-date equipment on a fast
    internet connection. Staff are knowledgeable on using computers and the Internet and are more than happy to assist customers with their surfing.
    price: USD$2.40
    tel: +676-27-946
    hours: Monday ~ Friday: 9:00am – 7:00pm
    address: Tungi Arcade

    If any of this is helpful at all, then this site is of use to you in the future:

  2. Ok, this is what I could find-

    Apia internet cafes: Cyberbooth Cyberbooth, the first Internet Cafe in Samoa
    houses 12 computers offering a wide range of services
    type: general
    price: $3.00 (Tala) for 15 minutes
    tel: (685) 21016
    hours: Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 530pm Sat 8am to 12noon
    address: Lotemau Centre, P O Box 1487, Apia, -Samoa

    Traveller’s Lounge
    Along Beach Rd. near Aggie Grays Hotel
    hours: open until 10pm
    price: $10 tala per hour
    address: Beach Rd.

    iPasifika Samoa iCafe
    Located:Matautu Bay down from Aggie Greys Hotel ging towards Apia Wharf
    Opening Hours: Mon-Friday – 8.30am-5pm; Sat – 9am-2pm.
    type: Internet Cafe
    tel: (685) 29919
    address: Apia, SAMOA
    price: $3tala for 15mins

    Savaii internet cafe:

    Racis Beach Club
    The Internet-Cafe is located in Manase right at the gas station (walk right through the garden). It´s owned by a swiss couple which is very friendly, offers italian cafe. You can also print pictures or burn picture CDs and DVDs. Prices are not really low, but it´s the only possibility on Savaii.
    type: Internet Cafe
    tel: +685 54003
    address: Manase, Savaii
    hours: 8:30 to 18:30

    These hotels are suspected to have internet but I couldn’t confirm:
    Coconuts Beach Club & Resort – Apia
    Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows – Apia

  3. Yikes, couldn’t find much but I will keep looking. I found this site: which lists where you can find free wifi access worldwide but nothing came up for Samoa unfortunately. I figured you could use it eventually. I’ll keep you posted :)

  4. I got a cold when I arrived from NZ. My lymph nodes swelled up and the skin broke in both arm pits. The left pit healed fine, but the right got worse on the skin. It sucks to not be able to move your arms without pain.

  5. the thing underneath your arm is folicitis(sp?), an infection of the armhair folicles. i had the same thing, it can be quite the bitch. just rigorously use soap, and don’t apply deodorant when you haven’t showered(i know, terrible, but find a way) and it goes away on its own.

  6. Ahhhh, God bless the Irish. If it weren’t for drunkeness and disorderly conduct, I am not quite sure what purpose we would serve!

    Some wifi info for you: Tradewinds Hotel American Samoa Pago Pago- The hotel has free wired Internet in the room. It’s slow but it’s free and it mostly works. Bring your own cable. There is WiFi in the coffee shop.

    Also of interest: Free wifi on the island of Niue and and FYI of free wireless to look out for

    Bummer about the watch. I have learned that regardless of whether the actual model of the watch is for diving or not, water resistant does not mean water proof. If you have the model Citizen Eco-Drive AT0100-51A, the citizen watch company recommends that this particular model watch only be used for free diving and not be used for scuba diving. I know, a dive watch marketed as a dive watch that can not withstand repeated scuba dives. Makes no sense, but it is a marketing ploy since most people wear them for the look and not for the actual dive.

    I hope this was helpful.

  7. Citizen watches will be repaired for the first 5 years (although I doubt you have your receipt with you) in Canada, US and the Carribbean. Worldwide it will be repaired for the 1st year, but I think you are just out of that period if my memory serves.

    Your Eco-watch also has to be resealed by the jeweler everytime the battery is replaced.

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