FLASH!! He’ll Save Everyone Of Us!

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I leave Taevwa in about 3 hours, and I still have no clue where I’m going. Such is my life. I purchased a pass on the Yasawa flyer which is a boat that goes up and down the Yasawas every day. I can get on and off where I want for a week. There seems to be lots of vacancies, so I’m not worried about getting space.

Yesterday I climbed the highest point of the island to see the sunet and managed to get a photo of the green flash. It was much more impressive lookign at it through then lens that it is in the photo, but it’s still pretty cool. This is the first time I’ve unambigously saw the flash. I think I may have seen it in Hawaii once, but its hard to tell without a telescope, binoculars or a zoom lens.

In fact, I took enough photos at the last moment of the sunset to make an animated image of the green flash. I just need to figure out how to do it.

Had some very interesting conversations last night with a Kiwi couple who arrived at the resort and a Fijian woman who lives in Sidney. The Kiwi man is a lawyer who seems intent of fixing all the plumbing problems of the resort before he leaves. I wish him well.

I’ve met so many British on my travels so far I swear to God they are trynig to recolonize the Pacific with kids in their late teens and early 20s. I think the people on these small isalnds never have to leave to see the world. It comes to them on a daily basis.

I think I’ve come down with a cold. I got it either from the airplane or airconditioning in my Nadi room. My lymph noes have swollen and my armpits are really sore.

In addition to watching the sunset, I also managed to snorkel for the first time on my trip yesterday. I literally had a whole beach to myself and managed to undo some of my farmer tan.

Oh, and due to a miscommunication with a barber, I’m pretty much bald now. I’m a millimeter away from Kojak. Maybe less. I normally leave some stubble, but this guy made me look like Mr. Clean. Thank goodness hair grows back. Looking on the bright side, it will increase the total surface area on my body to create vitamin D.

I’m off to book my accomodiations for tomorrow and pack my stuff.

No clue if the next place will have internet….