Kicking it in the .ws

I’m in Samoa.

My priority right now is going to see a doctor about these sores. I haven’t had access to a mirror in a week and my right underarm is really bad. Some sort of boil is appearing on my hands and arms and I might have one on my leg.

Why this appeared simultaneously on both of my underarms is beyond me. I guess maybe I had the skin break at both points and then I got something while swimming or something.

None of the private doctors are open on weekends, and on the advice on every person I’ve met on every island I’ve been to so far, avoid the public doctors at all cost. Likewise, the Tokelau office is closed until Monday. I did check out the notice on their front door and the last boat came in on June 14, so another might be leaving soon. We’ll see.

I’ve tried uploading to Flickr, but so far no luck. It will stay on the upload page forever, then in the end, nothing appears.

I’m guessing I may be in American Samoa on Monday unless the boat to Tokelau is leaving immediately or something.