Still in Kagoshima

I`m still in Kagoshima. I finally got to upload a few photos, but only a fraction of what I`ve taken. I also found a solution to my wireless problem. There are plenty of wireless net access points in Japan, but you have to pay for all of them. I just purchased a Boingo account which should solve my problems for Japan and Korea. Pretty much every McDonald`s uses Boingo and a ton of other places.

The last few days have been frustrating. I`ve broken the strap on my sandals, been unable to get net access, and haven`t been able to speak with a single person in days. I`ve encountered ZERO other people traveling in this area and haven`t met a single person who speaks English. Thankfully, you don`t need to speak a language to buy things.

I also have no idea how to get out of the Japanese character mode on Japanese keyboards

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  1. To switch between English and Japanese inputs on a Mac, try pressing Command + Space. In Windows,
    try Alt + whatever button is above the Tab key. On a US keyboard, this is the `/~ key, but as you’ve probably already encountered, Japanese keyboards tend to vary. If that combination doesn’t work, try various combinations between those two keys and Control, Shift or Tab. Depending on the keyboard, there might also be a special button for switching between text inputs to the left of the right-Alt key.

    Keep in mind that you will have to switch input in every program or window you want to enter text.

    When you start traveling through Honsh?, there should be more people able and willing to speak English. In the meantime, keep an eye out for roadside stands selling autumn treats: freshly roasted chestnuts and baked sweet potatoes. Yum!

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