The Bizarre Bone Chapels of Portugal

The first of Portugal’s many Capelas dos Ossos that I visited was in Faro, the capital of the Algarve region. This southernmost slice of the country is best known for its sunny beaches and lively nightlife. Finding out there was a chapel decorated with human bones just a short drive from the sun-loungers and karaoke bars definitely made me raise an eyebrow.

It was certainly quirky enough to earn a place on my travel itinerary, and I jotted it down before absent-mindedly scrolling down to see what else Faro had to offer. It wasn’t until I was actually standing in the chapel, looking around, that I really began to think about what I had come out of my way to visit: a chapel made up of literally thousands of human bones.
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The Ultimate Arbitrary List of Places to Visit in 2018

The editorial team at Everything Everywhere likes to keep with the times. We’ve noticed a great many travel publications all publishing their list of places to visit in 2018 and we didn’t want to be left behind. We’ve studied all the lists and distilled what we believe to be the essence of what makes for great annual lists of places.

We recommend you visit these places in 2018 but not before or after. What makes them special will only exist between 12:00 am on January 1, 2018, and 11:59 pm on December 31, 2018. If you visit any time before or after, you are on your own.

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The Item Which Revolutionized My Travels

My favorite travel companion. My Amazon Kindle Voyage
I like to travel and I like to read.

These two things shouldn’t be in conflict. In fact, they usually complement each other quite nicely. However, I discovered just a few month’s into my travels back in 2007 that I had a big problem….several problems

  1. Books are heavy. If you have ever had to move and you own a lot of books you have probably discovered just how heavy they can be when you have more than one. If you are taking a trip with just a single book, weight usually isn’t an issue because you can just carry it with you on the plane. However, if you are traveling long-term, books tend to pile up. At one point, the weight of books in my checked bag was almost 1/3 of the total weight I was carrying around. You might just say I could throw the books away or leave them somewhere, but….
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The Top 10 World Heritage Sites in Greece

To many people, Greece is known mainly as a country with beautiful turquoise colored waters, vivid architecture, and delicious cuisine. While this is true, Greece is also rich with history. Greece is home to over 18 unique UNESCO sites that you can visit. Because there are quite a few, finding the right sites to visit on a short trip here can be a little difficult. To help you, this article will highlight the top UNESCO world heritage sites in Greece that anyone traveling to there should consider visiting.
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You Just Choose – Musings on the Religions of Thailand and the NFL

Wat Hup Ta Khrot temple left an indelible mark on my psyche. Not only because it was the first major temple complex we visited in Thailand, but it also introduced me to Thai polytheism. The idea that different gods and even religions could be worshiped together, side by side in peace and harmony simultaneously baffled and inspired me with their freedom to choose.

The freedom of choice isn’t limited to this one temple or time, it’s present in all of Thai culture and history. For example, the Unesco World Heritage site of Sukhothai has over 193 temples excavated and restored. These temples have Hindu and Buddhist beliefs living side by side.
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