The circle is complete

I’m writing this on my new MacBook Pro. So far, its awesome.

My first computer was a Apple IIc I purchased back in 1985. It served me well through high school and college. After I graduated I purchased a Mac LC.

I think it was around 1994 when I got my first windows machine. It was a 486 from Midwest Micro running Windows 3.11. I’ve been running Windows ever since.

The original reason for buying a Windows machine was because if you wanted to program and make money doing it, you pretty much had to program for Windows/DOS. Around the late 90’s, the number of apps I was using that was exclusive to Windows was so great that there was no way I could get a Mac.

At some point, software stopped mattering. Most things I need now are all online. Firefox is available for everything. I use Gmail for my email and Google Reader for my RSS. Most of my time is spent at websites. The only game I play is World of Warcraft, which is available on Mac. Photo/video editing is as good, if not much better, on Mac than Windows.

Add the ability to run Windows on the new Intel based Macs and there really isn’t a reason not to get a Mac, other than price.

I guess I’ve come full circle and I don’t think I’m the only one. I’ll be providing more updates as I spend more time with it.