The Tsingy of Madagascar

The Tsingy of Madagascar

The tsingy of Madagascar ate the thin, needle-like rock formations in the country with have a soft, sweet sing-song name. As I teetered with one foot on a knife-edge and the other in the air, the word soft didn’t come into it. I gripped the tsingy and tried not to look down—a long, long way …

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Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 48 – African History With Peter Baxter

Subscribe to Global Conspiracy Theory on Apple Podcasts On this week’s podcast, I speak with historian and author Peter Baxter to talk about 20th Century African history. We have a wide-ranging discussion about in and outs of war in Africa, British decolonization, Nelson Mandela, and traveling in Africa. Having lived in Zimbabwe, Peter also has …

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Aksum, Ethiopia

Aksum, Ethiopia World Heritage Site

Aksum is the most significant pilgrimage site in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and one of the largest tourist attractions in the country. Aksum is important for several reasons: It was the seat of the Axumite Empire, which reached its peak in the first millennium. The Axumite Civilization was one of the largest and most important …

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The Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela

Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela, Ethiopia

From the World Heritage inscription: In a mountainous region in the heart of Ethiopia, some 645 km from Addis Ababa, eleven medieval monolithic churches were carved out of rock. Their building is attributed to King Lalibela who set out to construct in the 12th century a ‘New Jerusalem’ after Muslim conquests halted Christian pilgrimages to …

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West Africa Photo Essay

Click to view As you know, earlier this year I sailed from Cape Town to Morocco with G Adventures on the M/S Expedition. I’ve just published my photo essay from the trip and it is one of my best ever. Click to View my West Africa Photo Essay