Sunday Morning Coming Down

Today I’m off to Madison to go shopping at REI. The local sporting goods stores really specialize in stuff like hunting and fishing, not backpacking and travel. I’ve found all the stuff I’m looking for at REI in the Twin Cities and now the closest store is in Madison….so off to Madison I go. My …

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On Wisconsin

Everything I have is now stored, stashed or stowed. I’m with my parents for the next two weeks in Wisconsin. I now have a little under two weeks to get my insurance, shots, gear and banking finalized. On March 29th I’ll be in Vegas. From there it’s on to LA and Hawaii. From there……THE WORLD!!! …

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Last call

This is my last night in Minnesota. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Wisconsin and continue getting ready. I’ve realized that I’ve almost spent half of my life in Minnesota. Weird. Once I leave, I’ll need to work on getting shots (Yellow Fever), travel insurance, clothes, a good bag and lots of odds and ends. I …

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The circle is complete

I’m writing this on my new MacBook Pro. So far, its awesome. My first computer was a Apple IIc I purchased back in 1985. It served me well through high school and college. After I graduated I purchased a Mac LC. I think it was around 1994 when I got my first windows machine. It …

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I’m living in a hotel for a few days a few blocks from my old house. Today I’ll be taking care of stuff with the state and county (aka, tickets and water bill) as well as some other stuff I have to do before I leave. I’ll also be buying my laptop as well as …

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The deed is done. House sold. Money in the bank. I have a few more items to put away into storage when I go back to Wisconsin, then its full steam ahead.

Light at the end of the tunnel

6am. 4 hours sleep. Only 3 or so boxes left in the house I smell foul. I’m tired. Walk-through is in 3 hours, then sign the documents and turn over the keys. Then transfer stuff to my dad’s truck. Then, I’m free.

Wow, I screwed up

Its 12:40am and I’m still packing stuff. I have to be out at 9am. I totally mis-judged how much stuff I had left. I totally forgot some stuff. I got a hotel room close to my house and am moving stuff in here tonight because there is no way I could put it all in …

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