Monday Travel Update – Conference Season, San Francisco Edition

Posted: March 5, 2012    Categories: California

Morning in San Francisco

Morning in San Francisco

I’ve arrived in San Francisco where I’m attending the Eye for Travel Social Media conference where I will be speaking tomorrow. March is mostly going to be a conference month for me. I’ll be attending 5 difference conferences in the US and UK over the next 30 days . I’ll be doing plenty of traveling, but not so much exploring.

I’m attending the Eye For Travel conference with G Adventures. It is a pretty high level conference for marketing and social media people from large travel companies. It isn’t a blogger conference at all. I might be the only travel blogger here.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing something rather special. I’ll be appearing on TWIT Photo with Leo Laporte and Catherine Hall. We’ll be talking about photography and I’m sure a lot of travel as well. You can watch the show live at 1:30pm Pacific/4:30pm Eastern. I’ll also be posting a recording of the show later this week.

On Wednesay I’ll be flying to Las Vegas to be with Scottevest at the Travel Goods Association show. While I’m in Vegas I’m going to get some new glasses (I broke mine on the ship going to Antarctica) and take care of some other things before I head to….

Austin, Texas for SXSW where will be making some big announcements. I don’t think I’ll be in Austin that long, maybe just a day or two to meet some people.

THEN I’m off to London to speak at the Future of Tourism event with G Adventures….

THEN I’m off to South Carolina to visit my 50th and final state!

I’ll be finishing March with a mystery trip that my assistant Amy has arranged for me. I have no idea where I’m going other than it is somewhere in the eastern US.

So, in my mind I’m not actually going to be traveling much this month because its all business, but I’ll rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles in the process. I think it shows how different my life is when I can go non-stop for a month, visit 2 continents and not consider it “traveling”.

The last week in Texas was somewhat productive. I got caught up on some work and I hope to get caught up on more this week. As I am in conference mode and not exploring mode, I can edit photos and write rather than be out gathering content. Expect more articles to be posted this month.

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