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Nevada is a state of the US located in the Western part of the country. The term is derived from a Spanish word that literally means “snow-covered”. The state is ranked 7th among the 50 US states in terms of size; however, it is also one of the least densely populated states in the country. Travel to Nevada is famous and highly sought after by tourists because of the famed city of Las Vegas. However, there is more to Nevada than just Las Vegas.

Travel to Nevada

The landscape of Nevada is semi-arid and mostly filled with desserts. The majority of the state is located within the Great Basin. A part of the Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada mountain range belongs to Nevada.

The popularity of Nevada as a tourist destination shot up due to its legalized gambling. In addition, lenient laws on marriage and divorce have also given Las Vegas a bad rap. Aside from gambling, it is also the only state in the US that has legalized prostitution.

Even though tourism employs a majority of the residents in Nevada, its economy is also supported by mining. In fact, Nevada is fourth in the world in terms of gold production.

Currency: US Dollar

Official Language: English

Wi-Fi Availability: When you travel to Nevada, you shouldn’t have trouble connecting as there are several free public Wi-Fi hotspots, especially in Las Vegas.

Airport/s: McCarran International Airport is the main hub for international commercial flights that travel to Nevada.

Visa Required: As with the US visa requirements, your visa requirement for travel to Nevada will vary based on your country of origin.

Travel to Nevada

International Driver’s License Accepted? Your foreign issued driver’s license is honored when you travel to Nevada. There is no need to secure an international driver’s permit.

Driving: In Nevada, you must drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Crime: Due to the access to gambling and prostitution, the crime rate in Nevada is higher than the national average. Property crimes are the most common types of crimes in Nevada, which is followed by violent crimes.

Electrical Adapters: The standard voltage used in Nevada is 120 volts at 60 Hertz.

Trivia: DID YOU KNOW that an average of 60,000 pounds of shrimp is consumed in Nevada per day? This is more than the average of the entire country!

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