OnTravel Interview in San Clemente, California

Photo I took of Shannon in Cape Town, South Africa last year

Last week I was in San Diego when I drove up to San Clemente with my friend Shannon O’Donnell to meet with Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harryman. We met for dinner at South of Nick’s, a local Mexican restaurant and then did an impromptu interview outside the restaurant on the street.

10 thoughts on “OnTravel Interview in San Clemente, California”

  1. What a cool leap in S.A. The blue blouse is a nice touch too.

    Gotta find the right color and spot to take a shot like that in AZ.


  2. Thanks for the interesting interview. There were many useful travel tips for the future travelers. The stories were great.

  3. A very good interview and great history/stories on National Geographic history and first times!

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