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White Sunday

Bus on Beach 2, Fraser Island - Queensland, Australia.jpg (by Everything Everywhere)

My tour bus on the beach at Fraser Island

I’m writing this in the town of Airlie Beach which is the jumping off point for the Whitesunday Islands.

The drive so far has been quite pleasant. This part of Queensland is rolling hills, grass and eucalyptus trees.

I’ll be writing more on my trip to Fraser Island a bit later, but I wish I had spent more time there, and I really wish I hadn’t taken a day trip with 28 other people. The forests and the beaches of Fraser were much more impressive than I thought it would be and it would have been fun to rent my own 4×4 and camp on the island for a few days.

I have 4 days to return the car to Cairns and I’m easily a day drive there from here. I could leave in the morning and arrive in Cairns before nightfall. I’m going to stay here for two days at least and do some snorkeling and take a cruise of the islands. Airlie Beach is a nice little tourist town. The water in the harbor is especially green. I don’t know if I’ll be doing my Great Barrier Reef dive here or in Cairns.

Still no word from FedEx, the package hasn’t shown up, and the tracking number still not in the system. If anyone can get information I can’t, the tracking number is 863983187767.

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  1. Dont give up. Great blog, everyone should travel there’s no excuse not to!!!!

  2. martha says:

    That certainly sucks.

    I would say contacting them by phone might be the next option if they aren’t replying to your email. After that, I would think returning to the place where you actually dropped off the package might yield some information (or finding someone that can do that for you). Maybe it is just sitting in a corner, forgotten and unprocessed.

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