Working Vacation

I’ve been here two days and I’ve done little more than catch up on my writing and photo editing. I haven’t seen much of Majuro (not that there is much to see). I have had some interesting conversations with some American ex-pats, however.

I’ll try to take a few photos to give you a flavor of what the city is like. It is basically long and flat. To call it one dimensional wouldn’t be an exaggeration. It is a single 30-mile road where you have the ocean immediately to your right and left.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Palau for my last stop in the Pacific and the one which I’ve been looking forward to the most. My plans are several dives, a trip to jellyfish lake as well as a kayak tour of the rock islands.

My current plans for the Philippines are shaping up as well. I’m looking at a trip to the north of Luzon to the rice terraces as well as a short flight to Palawan to the underwater river.

You also may have noticed that my latest photos on Flickr are shots of Easter Island and Rennell. I have been monkeying with Photoshop and I have figured out how to salvage some photos that I thought were lost due to poor lighting.

Fun Fact: The Marshall Islands is one of three countries the United States has detonated above ground nuclear weapons on. (Japan and the US being the other two).