Post Card Extravaganza!!!!

I’m off to the airport in 30 minutes to spend most of today on an airplane to Palau.

Seeing that Palau is the last place I will be in the world with any sort of link to the US Postal System, I’m going to make a special offer to the readers of this website.

To out all the lurkers out there who never comment, if you send me an email with your name and address in the next four days, I will send you a Post Card from Palau. Palau postage costs the same as US postage, but they make their own stamps.

Also, just tell me one of the places you’d like to see me visit in Asia….and don’t say “The Great Wall”.

I reserve the right to limit this offer if it if the requests get too crazy…

4 thoughts on “Post Card Extravaganza!!!!”

  1. Asia is a bit vague, but no matter how familiar I think a person may be with Hong Kong, I always tell them to go up Victoria Peak at night, or during twilight, where looking back over Hong Kong is one of the most fantastic urban views on Earth. It would make a rocking calendar wallpaper.

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