Global Travel Conspiracy 47 – Stefan Krasowski on Traveling the World With Miles and More

This week I’m joined by renowned world traveler, Stefan Krasowski of Rapid Travel Chai and Frequent Traveler University, who just returned from Christmas Island, timing his trip with the annual red crab migration. The red crabs cover the beaches to lay their eggs at a specific time of year so it’s no small feat to witness.
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Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 46 – Q&A Volume 3

For this episode of the Global Travel Conspiracy, I answer your question about his new additions to gear, upgrading camera gear, 3 important lessons about self-taught photography, purposeful practice, gear to carry, mirrorless cameras, what is best camera to carry, stock photography, renting gear for trip, smartphone photography tips (including nighttime photography tips), and watermarking photos.

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Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 44 – Update!

After a year away, I’m bringing back the Global Travel Conspiracy!

I had some issues with the podcast network which was producing the show so I walked away from it. I didn’t get screwed over or anything, it just wasn’t a good fit.

Recently, I got access to the show and we decided to relaunch it. We’ll be uploading all the old episodes over the next few weeks and then start recording new episodes going forward. The Global Travel Conspiracy will be focused on travelers and my thoughts about traveling. About half the shows will be interviews and half will be monologue shows.

Even though I have 43 past episodes, I’m basically starting from scratch as far as iTunes is concerned, so reviews and comments are welcome. If you used to subscribe, you will have to subscribe again as the feed is totally different.

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Global Travel Conspiracy Episode 40 – Language Hacking

Benny Lewis is the Irish Polygot. For over a decade he has traveled around the world learning different languages. We talk about language learning, how he got into language learning, and he new language hacking courses on Spanish, Italian, French and German.

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