4 thoughts on “The Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 39 – The National Park Service”

  1. Since it’s late January, 2017, I’m guessing this Podcast isn’t coming back…
    I deleted it from my iTunes collection over Christmas.
    Too bad, too…it was my favorite Travel podcast!

  2. love the podcast. Love the travel.
    You mispronounced “mackinac”. As a Michigander, the final “C” in mackinac is silient. (pronounced mac-in-aw” )

    wiki says “The British heard it pronounced “aw” so they spelled it that way. Whichever way you see it spelled, it is always pronounced “aw”. Answer: Mackinac is Canadian French, short for Michilimackinac, from early Ojibwa “Missilimaahkinaank” which means “at the territory of the Mishinimaki”.”

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